Tue, 30 May, 2023

Hope From New Constitution

By Ashmita Kunwar

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam We welcome our new constitution with lots of hope, Hope there won’t exist the feeling of I and you anymore, Hope we will all be considered as simply 'Nepali', Hope there won’t be strikes anymore,  and we will  have regular working days, Hope there won’t be religious war, and we will all live in peace, Hope there won’t be issues of acid attacks like that of Sangita, and we will have freedom to love and hate, Hope there won’t be discrimination based on castes or religion, and we will have equal opportunities to move forward, Hope there won’t be killing of military men like that in Kailali and Bardiya, and we will have more respect for military men for their commitment, Hope there won’t be corruption in government, and people will get fast response of our work, Hope there won’t be fear of dons and villains, and police actions against them will go on, Hope there won’t be further division of people in different parties to divert the feeling of unity, Hope division of country in states will bring positive change, Hope people with degrees in their hand don’t have to stay unemployed, Hope there will be proper utilization of manpower and there will be zero unemployment, Hope there won’t be death of Nepalese workers in Saudi and Qatar, and we'll have good foreign policy implemented to protect all the Nepalese in foreign countries, Hope there won’t be fear of rapes and harassment for girls, and there will be an environment free enough to walk here and there, day and night, Hope there won’t be any discrimination in the name of gender, and we'll have equal rights, allowing citizenship in the name of mother, Hope there won’t be dirt and dust everywhere in the road with stingy smell, and we'll have proper management of dust along with green environment here and there, Hope there won’t be black-out in house with load shedding, and hope we'll have proper utilization of resources not only to brighten Nepal but entire Asia, Hope what we wish to get from new constitution will come true for the advancement of Nepal!