Tue, 30 May, 2023

Hope, It’s All That Keeps You Alive

By Shreeyans Lodha

In this mighty world, in a small town, there lived a teenager; he was confident, young and smart. He had achieved a lot in many aspects of his life and was living a happy, confident life. He was moving with the pace of time. Life had bought many changes and he had accepted them all. Everything was going very well, till he met a girl; a short, fun-loving girl who became his friend.

They were different in all factors that describe a person. They had different interests, hobbies and a different way of living life. The boy was shy, studious and closed where as the girl was more open, friendly and adventurous. They were different but understood each other well. The mighty laugh of the beautiful girl would enlighten his day and he would do anything and everything he could to spend time with her. Only her presence would affect him so much that he would forget what he was up to. He was slowly falling in love, though he was not aware of it. Soon, many started talking about their relationship. Many suspected a different bond between the two, though both denied it.

Soon, the boy realized the unique sense of love and care he had for her. He thought of conveying his love to her a lot of times, but failed. Everything was going smoothly until they were separated; their classes had changed so the boy wasn’t able to spend as much time with her as he wanted to. He now thought of new, yet silly ways of seeing her since her view was what he wanted, her view enlightened his day.

However, he knew he wasn’t what the girl wanted as her partner. He was different, yet he loved and cared for her. He should have stopped there, but he didn’t. He was never able to ignore the strong feeling he had for the girl. Surely soon this was going to hurt him; he knew that fact but was helpless. Because of so many things he was going through, he decided to convey his feeling to the girl. So one fine weekend, he met the girl and was about to tell everything that he had in his heart. They walked a long way and then came the moment when they had to separate to get to their destination. “This is the moment,” he thought, “This is the right time to convey my feelings.” However, he had no other choice. The response he received was what he had expected. However, the girl too knew about the feelings the boy had towards her. He got the answer. Though he knew what was coming, he was still heartbroken. He spent the whole day crying and cursing the lord who created him.

He now hated what he was. He now wanted to change but soon realized that it would do no good. He believed that love that demands change is not going to succeed. So, the boy decided to forget her, but failed miserably. The more he tried to forget her, the more he remembered her and the memories hurt him even more. So now, he has decided to move with the pace of life. He now doesn’t want to change himself but he still loves her. He is living in a hope that he can live his dream, which he knows he will not; however, he still has some hope in the corner of his heart.

He is still hurt but time has suppressed the pain. He is confused as he doesn’t know what he should do to be happy. As being happy is the only thing he wants. His mood swings like a pendulum; one moment, he is happy; the next, overexcited; the next, depressed. He is living his life with the support of a dying hope, hoping to live a dream he once saw.

(Shreeyans Lodha is a DWIT student studying in the second semester.)