Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Hike From Lamatar To Lyakuri Vanjyang To Godawari

By Hiking Club

Picture Courtesy: Hiking Club, DWIT

On 15th May 2016, DWIT Hiking Club organized a hike from Lubhu to Lyakuri Bhanjyang to Godawari. The hike started from Lamatar. It was a one-day hike and the hike was conducted successfully.

The event started from Deerwalk complex where all hikers gathered at around 7 in the morning. We had some breakfast at a restaurant nearby Deerwalk complex and then the hikers were dropped at Dhungeni, Lamatar by a micro-bus provided by Deerwalk Services. Our initial destination was Lyakuri Bhanjyang, where we reached following very slippery trails. There were pitched roads that led to Lyakuri Bhanjyang but we all decided that it would not have been much of a hike if we just followed the road.

Effects of the recent wildfire were noticeably huge and quite devastating even on the way to Godawari. It took us around two hours to reach Lyakuri Bhanjyang. We took a rest there for a while, had some snacks and then hit the muddy road again which led us to the very top of Godawari. We rested there too and observed the school that was devastated by the earthquake last year.

We interacted with the school children and gave them snacks. Then we hit the trails once again. An hour worth of descending slope of trials led us to the famous Godawari Botanical garden where our ride back home was waiting for us. We hit the road and had our lunch at Sinamangal (DDS Thakali Restaurant). We were then dropped off at Deerwalk premises at around 6:30 pm where we enjoyed some refreshments and everyone parted their own way towards their homes.

The hike was fun and some wonderful memories were created. Overall it was a great hike and a great experience.