Fri, 24 May, 2024

Hike on 9th August Got Cancelled

By Sabin Pathak

“With the hope to join a hike on Sunday, I registered my name via email. But I was so surprised to know that hike was cancelled.” After the devastating earthquake on 25th April, hiking club at DWIT could not manage any hike for last three months because of bad impact of the earthquake on the hiking areas and because of a bad weather condition. But the hike on 26th July was successfully conducted and second hike after the earthquake was scheduled on 9th August. Unfortunately, this hike was limited within words only. There was an email saying, “Hiking which was scheduled this Sunday (Jagati >> Nagarkot) has been postponed since Deerwalk Transportation is unable to provide us vehicle.” Regarding the concerns of the students, the Hiking Club has responded as follows: Why has the hiking club not been able to manage the hike for a long time? “Yes, it is true that we could not manage any hike for a long time. The weather was also a part of it. But we are trying to continue hikes during monsoon season too, because the number of hikes this year has been very less as compared to the previous years because of the earthquake followed by monsoon. We are facing this problem for the first time and we don't have any idea on which place or route is safe because the soil is loose and there is a chance of landslide. We have been discussing this for a long time and we are worried about the hikers' safety. After a long discussion, we had decided to resume the hikes despite the weather condition. Then, the first monsoon hike (hike on 26th July) was organized which went really well. Although there was less participation, our confidence has increased thinking that we can continue the hike.” What happened to the hike on this Sunday? “The hike that we had planned for this Sunday got cancelled because of the transportation problem. The weather was also favorable. However, we couldn't conduct a hike as planned. This time too, we were ready for hike, but due to lack of transportation, we were unable to go for it this week.”  When will the next hike be conducted? “Hopefully, we shall go for a hike next Sunday (16th August) and hiking form will be sent once again to include students from all four batches. However, students selected for this Sunday hiking will be prioritized first if they want to hike.” Hiking club had sent an email to the students of DWIT requesting to fill the feedback form on 30th July. That was a survey done among the students about their less participation in hiking. So about that survey, hiking club has commented as follows: “We conducted the survey previous week to find out the real reason behind the less number of participants. We managed it in the way that the personal information of the respondent wasn't recorded because we assumed them to respond freely and share us their problem and reasons. But there were very less responses (1/6 of the DWIT population) which really disappointed us. But on the other hand, we got our answers because almost everyone had similar reasons and suggestions. Most of them said it is because of busy timetable, extra class on weekends, trainings, partial hiking and some said that there's no other activity besides walking. Some suggestions were really helpful; we were discussing about the reasons and suggestions on our previous meeting and will discuss more at our next meeting.” Anything more to say? “Thank you DWIT News. We want to flow this message to the Hikers through this news that the club is really working hard to continue the hike and we are also planning for other similar activities. And we too have had a meeting with Rudra Sir about how to make the club rise and increase participants. Also, we discussed about making all one day hikes (twice a month) free and we too got his positive response over that.” That is all what we got from hiking club. Hope hike from next week would not get postponed and the club would think of alternatives if there arises problems like transportation.