Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Hidden Silence!

By Nikita Gautam

Look at my eyes, and you can see a damaged me, Silently groaning into the illusion of the dark, and that's covering me. I look here, I look there and I see all concrete streets. I struggle to pull off the sands, and sow a seed of my soul, But can you see my soul? I am the hidden silence of these streets. I cause you no harm, but why do you disarm me? I am nature, who furnishes every creature, and yet you're killing me. Standing there in silence is that what irritates you? Sacrificing my breath for your sake may be that displeases you. Hey wait, see the truth, Is this you, or me Struggling to breathe fresh air, Trembling in the storm, pleading to live? From tiny little molecule, to the sunshine you see, I am the nature, I am the future, and I am the diamond you seek. I try to connect through my silence, Yet you force me into violence. Why are you turning me into ashes? I give you life, I give you warmth, But you can't turn my ashes into trees. Every day and every night, Part of me is melting behind. Burning me in the silence of dark, You are growing me towards what called pollution. I never demand, I never request, Yet today I plead. Save my beauty, save my soul, Don't let my hidden silence grow into devils. Have you covered yourself with dark clouds of shade? Just have a glance on the smashing damage you have made. But don't worry, you still have time, it's never too late. Conquer my mountains but shelter my species. Let me grow and let me live.