Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Hidden Maturity In Children's Innocence

By Barsha Dahal

You may be thinking, “What!? The word maturity is not made for children. These two words are not compatible. Really! How can a child be mature, in what sense? Wait, I have an answer to this. A four month old child can smile when they see something weird. They cry when they are hungry. They can feel the presence of their mom and dad. When their moms depart from their sight, they cry. They love their mom. How can a feeling of love be immature? To understand love and care needs a lot of maturity that many adults do not perceive. Children enjoy the sight of birds flying in the sky. They even love to observe the sky and the movement of clouds. The shapes made by the clouds make them delighted. They may not yet learn any lesson from nature but at least natural beauty makes their heart mirthful. That’s the symbol of maturity. Whenever I look into the eyes of a small child who is about one or two years old, I can fell the hidden emotions they possess. They cuddle in the laps of their moms, but always keep on thinking over something. That something can be really deep, who knows! Further, they know the exact time for their food, play and sleep. One thing that surprises me the most is the manner in which the poster of their face changes when someone scolds them. They cannot understand the meanings of the words, but still they understand the scenario. They can actually read our facial expressions. That's really amazing and reveals a kind of hidden maturity. You may have seen children playing with their friends.You may have watched only the way they play, but I have observed the happiness in their eyes. The happiness, that I call a real joy. They dance in the streets; they do what makes them happy. Have you ever tried to think why children are so happy, so carefree, and so cool? It's because they don’t give a damn about the world. They don't believe in judging others. They don't know what competition is. They know everything happens in its own way. They do not really bother about the future. May be they are not capable enough to deal with their past and future. They just live in today and enjoy the uncertainty of life. Their happiness is beyond every sorrow. I think that’s the genuine meaning of being mature. How do we define maturity? Competing instead of living? Caring for petty things and worrying more about the things that have never happened? Interfering in other’s life and forgetting oneself? Really us and our so called maturity has made us immature. We feel awkward to dance like a child. We have forgotten to smile, to dance, to sing, to act as crazy as kids and to simply live! Growing up does not mean carrying the whole burden of this world on our shoulders. Be joly, be care free, dance in the rain. Who will stop you? People will think you have gone mad, crazy. But does that really matter? Actually this world does not owe you anything. Be the way you love to be. You are the boss of your life. Innocence is not the weakness of a child. It does not mean they do not understand anything. Actually they are the ones who know the actual value of  life. You will meet many people who will criticize the way you think and you live if you tried to be yourself. Many people can not digest your freedom.  But always remember the one who loves you will accept you the way you are, the one who try to change you are not your people. Now tell me, how many of you want to go back to your childhood days and play with your friends? Those days are still fresh in the corner of our cerebrum, right? But without going back to our past we cannot live those moments again. Lets play a mind game. Close your eyes and imagine that you are a child again and ask yourself, “What do I want to do right now, play, dance, laugh or cry?” And just do it. Look how you will forget every promise you made in your life which is holding you back from being truly happy.