Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Hey Freshmen!

By Sneha Parajuli

Deerwalk Institute of Technology”, it was the first time I had heard about this college. My first reaction was “What a funny name!” It was the day when our plus two results were out and I hadn’t even decided where I should apply to pursue my further studies. My brother advised me to go check out this IT College. I, along with my friends went to visit the college. It took us a whole day to find the college since none of us had any idea about where Sifal is located. It was a little irritating to have to search for the place. Finally, when I found DWIT and learned every detail about the college, I was delighted and started dreaming of becoming a “Deerwalker”. I guess most of us had the same experience, right? After knowing I had to pass the entrance exam of IOST TU as well as DWIT aptitude test, I started preparing myself. After all, I had to get into Deerwalk!

Finally, the results were out and I got a call from Rubeena Di, our ex-admin. She informed me that I was going to have to appear for an interview and that I am one of the top 25 students who had passed the aptitude test. I was overjoyed. Next day, I was interviewed by Hitesh sir and then the day after I was admitted to DWIT. My dream came true, I became a “Deerwalker”! Yay! :-D

Today, it has been almost a year since I joined Deerwalk. We are a small family where unlike other colleges, we know each and everyone’s names. We get along with everyone and we are all there for one another. We are all members of at least one of the clubs. The best thing for me about DWIT is being in the club of my interest. After joining DWIT, I think I have become a better and a stronger person. Handling things on my own, taking care of the deadlines and being on time, being more careful with everything I do, these things were not my cup of tea but DWIT has managed to make a lazy person like me, punctual. I am a really talkative person but I get scared in front of masses. After joining Deerwalk, my confidence level has increased. Now, I don’t hesitate to speak in front of others like before. Here, we get to do things we want, the way we want. Yes, you read that right! If we are interested to build an app from the very first semester, no one is going to stop you here, and there is always someone to assist you to do so.

Joining Deerwalk Institute of Technology has made me feel honored and fortunate. I know all of you will feel the same way. I am quite sure after spending 4 years and graduating with bachelor's from DWIT, we will all be judicious enough to face the world. Deerwalk is assuredly a different college because of its club activities and professional education system. Yes, Deerwalk is Different and I am really glad to be a Deerwalker. I, on behalf of our entire Deerwalk Family, Welcome you all! Happy Deerwalk Days to you all!