Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Hello!! I Am Lucy and I Am A Dog!

By Sneha Parajuli

Oh! It’s such a bright sunny morning. Thank god it is not raining right now. Actually, you know, it has been raining for many days. The weather has not been so good lately. I don’t like rain, mainly because I have no boots to wear. I am a very “flu-tic” dog. I am sorry, I guess you didn’t understand what flu-tic is? It is obvious that you won’t understand it since it’s my language. It means that I am prone to cold. I easily get sick and suffer from cold frequently. But today I’m absolutely fine. I feel like jumping and playing with my butterfly friends. I should wake up now, shouldn’t I? Oh, wait. Am I locked inside my kennel? Obviously, I am. After doing such a great deed yesterday, Mom is certainly angry with me. I deserve this. Not only this, I deserve a harsher punishment. Do you want to know what I did?  Well then, wait for it. First of all, I would like to start with my family members. Mom and Dad, who love me very much, play with me secretly but they don’t show it to others that they are fond of me. Shubha dada, Ashu didi and Sushin dada, they are the ones who buy me biscuits every day. And now the most important person to me, who loves me more than anyone, my Eshu didi. She takes care of me and gives me delicious food to eat. She even plays with me. She’s awesome! Now, coming to the deed I committed… I ate mom’s phone. Oh Lord, how could I do that? I am such a fool. You know something, it might be awkward to say this, but it actually tasted very good. But somebody please tell mom that I didn’t do it intentionally. I think it is already 11 AM. Everyone must have left for the college and school. I woke up so late today. It may be because all my energy was wasted in chewing mom’s phone. Nevermind, let’s see what’s going on around the neighborhood. There are my butterfly friends playing in the garden without me. There is the neighbour’s dog Jackie looking at me from the roof of the house. I feel really sorry for him. How can he manage to stay in the terrace? Ugh! But I feel sorrier for myself. How can an energetic, playful and awesome dog like me be locked up in a kennel? Wait, I have an emergency. I want to pee. But where’s mom? “Woof Woof…..Mom!! Where are you? You need to let me free. Otherwise, you’ll have to take care of my...pee :P haha! I think someone’s coming here. Oh! It’s dad. Now he’s going to open the door. When he opens the door, I should be well mannered and go pee without jumping on his legs. He might be angry with me, right? Yay!! See, I told you he’ll let me free.I feel like a prisoner who has just been released from jail.I think even mom has forgiven me. From now on, I am not going to do anything that will make anyone upset. I just hope that I’ll be able to keep my words. Ok, I am going to play now, I’ll talk to you later. Byeee!