Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Hari Bansha Acharya - Sharing His Thoughts With Us

By Shreeya Pandey

Picture Courtesy: DeerExpress Club

“Human progress is neither automatic, nor inevitable. Every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concerns of dedicated individuals.” as stated by Martin Luther King Jr, clearly defines that the path to success is not easy. Continuous struggle and dedication is the stepping stone to success. Given here is an example of a versatile actor, Hari Bansha Acharya, who through courage and determination has reached the heights of success.

Let us see what he has to say: What do you miss the most about your childhood?

We used to be very close to the soil during my childhood. I miss playing hide and seek and various other outdoor games with my friends.

Nowadays the younger generations are born and brought up with various electronic devices and thus are not that close to the land, and the soil. I feel that the connection between a person and the nature is missing in today’s modern world.

Also, the taste of vegetables has also changed. The taste of the vegetables that I used to have and the taste of the vegetables I have now are completely different. I miss the pure and healthy vegetables of my childhood days. The world now is artificial and I wish the same previous world would come up once again. IMG_4659 If you were given a chance to choose a different field besides acting and writing, what would it be? I don’t think I have the ability to choose any other field. Firstly, I don’t have the age and time to struggle. If you want to be good in any field, you have to struggle for 5 to 10 years in that field. And, even if I do choose some other field, the work that I have done till date on my current field would be lost. For every work, struggle and dedication is a must. I feel that I would not be able to struggle in any other field as my current field is the best for me, so I cannot imagine being in any other field besides this. I can only hope that my sons and future grandchildren will pursue other fields and become great in those as well. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is to provide employment opportunities to thousands of people. That is the one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but I haven’t been able pursue that dream of mine till date.   Many people say that if Madan Krishna and Hari Bansha were given a chance to hold the top most political positions of our country, then our country could develop effectively. How do you feel about this?

If I were given such an opportunity, I would only accept it in one condition. I would accept any punishment, including the death penalty, if I did something wrong, but I would like to run the whole nation like a one man show. I would like to have all the rights. The reason for this is that I wouldn’t want anyone trying to stop me from what I want to achieve. If someone does try to stop me from what I want to do, then there wouldn’t be any point in doing it.

Also, I feel like directly elected Presidents and Prime Ministers should run our country. Mostly, till now what has happened is that all the elected leaders are influenced by foreign nations and they try to run our country or influence major decisions instead of letting us do it ourselves. They also try and not let our country develop properly and weaken us as well. Recently you have launched an animated movie named “Dhuwa”. What sort of response did you get from the people? Dhuwa was a good animated movie. The animators worked very hard for it. Previously, comments used to come fast, like within a day. People used to wait on the road for us and tell us that it was good. Nowadays, people are busy and due to load-shedding problem, responses are not quick and also face to face comments are lacking, but nevertheless we get good comments and views from people via YouTube.   Who is Madan Krishna Shrestha in your life? Madan Krishna Shrestha is the closest person in my life. We have become business partners, and creative partners, so he is very near and dear to me and I wish the same to remain forever. Whatever he has done will always remain forever with me. How has the field of IT helped in your career?

IT has become very useful in my career. Basically, it has helped us to save our work so that people can see it even after many years. Without the development of this field, I feel like the newer generations wouldn’t recognize us and our work and we would be forgotten in time. The quality of movies is maintained and our identity is also preserved. Also, due to the development of IT, most of the local artists have been able to stay successful because  many people don't buy cassettes and CDs like before.

Who is your inspiration?

There are many good people in the world but, I don’t have a specific person as an inspiration. I have been inspired mostly from myself.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to get old, and maintain myself as I get old. I feel like if I could maintain all the work that I’ve done till now, that that would be a great achievement.

What message do you want to give to the Deerwalkers? I would like to tell everyone not to be away from the land, soil however modern you may have become. Preserve Nepalese culture and tradition. Wherever you may be, don’t forget your country. Being the future of our nation, you all must try your best to serve our nation. I would like to wish everyone all the best for their future endeavors.