Wed, 17 Apr, 2024


By Utkrista K.C.

Picture Courtesy: DWIT Admin

The first ‘ALL HANDS MEETING’ with all the five batches that are currently running at DWIT, was organized on 10th December 2015. The program started with an address by the Campus Chief, Mr. Surendra Nath Adhikari. He gave a clear vision of the college, a map of the surrounding areas and how the college is till date. Adding to it, he thanked all the respective representatives responsible for making this college a better place. Likewise, Sports Club conducted their program to distribute the medals and certificates of the futsal winners, futsal match predictors of the game and also made an announcement of the members of DWIT Football Team. This program was followed by the distribution of letter of appreciation to all the Class Representatives till date. And for this, Anil Shrestha (CR of batch of 2015) started with his own experience on the opportunities that were open to him being a Class Representative. The participants of the program organized by Google and power workshops were also provided certificates. Not just that, the semester toppers of the batch of 2018 and 2019 were announced and scholarships were provided.

Furthermore, the new staffs of DWIT, Mr.Prabin Thapalia(Training Coordinator) and Ms Samjhana Pokharel introduced themselves as well as also explained their roles regarding their respective positions. They was followed by Mr.Bijaya Shrestha, Academic Officer at DWIT, who started with a short story, making it clear to the students that discipline, set of rules regarding the examination, attendance, use of the site, power workshops, future plans and many more. He added, “If you don’t know how to respect others, you don’t know the meaning of discipline.”

Mr. Hitesh Karki, Chief Academic Officer, ended the meeting with an announcements of the new presidents of the clubs in DWIT. Furthermore, ‘THE BEST PRESIDENT AWARD 2015’ went to Mr. Sunil Shrestha who was the president of Deer Express Club. Likewise, the DWIT News Club was able to set up its position on being the ‘BEST CLUB OF THE YEAR 2015 ”. Not just this, the students of class of 2018 who topped the final exam taken by DWIT and the students of class of 2019 who achieved the same feat in their entrance exams were given back their tuition fees.