Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

The Habit Of Criticizing

By Shreha Regmi

Have you ever been criticized? Or, have you ever criticized? I guess that every one of you answered a big YES to those questions. It’s really easy to criticize right? Well, I think so. I think that criticizing a person is the easiest thing to do. But first, do you know the meaning of criticizing or being criticized? Everyone knows it right! It can simply be termed as judging someone because of almost anything. Bringing out faults is also termed as criticizing. However, is criticizing a person, on a simple note, good? My answer would be a big NO. Then, is judging a person on nothing good? Yes, nothing! We make a certain assumption about someone simply because of their looks or because of their studies or even their condition. However, for once, try to be in that person’s shoes. Speaking the truth, even I have criticized. It is in the nature of people to criticize. But there are already enough professional critics on earth. The world doesn’t require more critics like us. But, how can we be compared to them right? It is their job to criticize and give their views or comments, but in our case, it is our problem rather than our job. I am not being offensive, I am just being straight-forward. Why should we do someone else’s job if we are not fit for it? We just mostly criticize a person either on their appearance, on their studies or on their way of speaking and talking. But every one is nice in their own way. Usually our way of thinking goes “Oh! Look at her. She’s really tacky” or “How can a person act like that? I never thought that he had this side to him”. But give it a second thought. Are you so capable that you can just wander around speaking anything you like and acting in any way you like? Well I do say that this is a free world and we are allowed to do any thing we like, but doesn’t your inner heart stop you? Be calm and just think for once. The way we criticize and the way critics criticize differ. The critics do criticize anyone or anything, but we know what they are criticizing on right? If there is a movie or a person they are talking about, we can know the things they have said about them. But in our case, it’s totally different. Let’s say there is a person we don’t like. We criticize that person. And, do you know what is funny about that? The person we are talking about has no idea that we are talking about him/her. Let’s say that there is a person speaking in front of everyone. And we, sitting at the back, mock him saying, “He made a minor mistake on this topic. He should have said that rather than speaking this”. But just try to go in front and try to speak. Can you? The answer would be "What? Umm…. Yes." Well we can’t hurt our ego, right? However, I would like to suggest that we should get busy in our own work and stop wasting our time talking about others. If there is a person you don’t like, just ignore. Be happy and have fun with your friends. Live your life without worries. There’s much to life than just sitting and thinking all sorts of things. Take a deep breath and a big smile on your face and give no care to others except your loved or cared ones. Be busy with the people you like or care for and try to make this change. I can assure you that you will feel really happy and light and enjoy. Cheers!