Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Gyan Sangalo: A Brief Look Inside

By Anish Thakuri

Photo Courtesy: DWIT News Gyan Sangalo, which is also known as LMS (Library Management System), is a web based portal of DWIT for managing day to day library tasks. It is a library management application which aims is to replace the current library procedure that is being maintained in DWIT library. It has been developed by considering the tasks of DWIT library to facilitate all the end users such as librarians, students, faculties and administration. How the system was developed? It took nearly a month to deliver the product after the idea was being proposed by Hitesh Karki, the academic director of DWIT. When Dashain vacation was extended by college administration considering the national crisis, students barely used to attend the college. Only those who were engaged in the Internship were attending the college regularly. During the time, Hitesh Karki proposed the idea to those students to build the product for library. Considering the fact, the team of 9 members were formed under the leadership of Sameer Koirala. Then the team sat for the meeting and divided the team in respective Development, Design and QA groups. After 2 weeks, the teams had completed the development and design part. After the QA and preparation of documents and data import, the system was finally hosted on November 27, Friday in DWIT server. Team Members of Gyan Sangalo Leader: Sameer Koirala Developer: Anil Shrestha, Asim Regmi, Pratibh Acharya & Sushant Gurung Designer: Sumit Shrestha & Pratik Budathoki QA: Prabina Neupane & Anish Thakuri Technology used for Gyan Sangalo The system was built in grails: version 2.5.0. MYSQL is used for database. For designing, Semantic UI is used along with HTML/CSS and JQuery. What is inside the system? The system consists of two views. One for librarian and another for normal end users like students, faculty etc. Most of the features like Issue/Return can be controled by the librarian only. So librarian acts as an admin of the system. The component of librarian dashboard are Menu bar, Search & Direct Issue. Menu bar consist of ISSUE, RETURN, REPORT, LOG & CONFIGURE. Librarian can search the books by author name and respective title. Also librarian can directly issue the books by clicking on the title of books. Books can be issued by all the members of DWIT who have who are registered to Library Management System including students, faculties, and college administration. The librarian is responsible to keep records of each book returned by the users. The system will calculate the total fine of the particular user, if they have exceeded the deadline. Return tab allows to return the books and also calculates the fine if any. This system enables the librarians to keep track of the books issued from the library and fine paid by users to the library, through the report tab. It is the librarian who is responsible for adding new users for the system and books in the system through Configure tab. This is all for the librarian view. For Normal Users, the components of dashboard are Menu bar, Search, Book list and Number of books allowed. Menu bar consists of History tab which monitors your activities in terms of issuing and borrowing books. Users can search the book by book title and author name respectively. Below the search the list of all available books in the library along with their available quantity are displayed. The total number of books that can be issued by the users is displayed in Number of books allowed tab which decreases every time user issue a books and increases when user return the book. GyanSangalo can be accessed with the following URL http://library.dwit.edu.np:8080/GyanSangalo Thanks to the teams for this wonderful application. Hope it will overcome the current paper based procedure that is being run in the DWIT library. More feature will be added in upcoming version.