Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Be My Guest: A New Initiation By the Media Club

By Anushka Maharjan

On 14th December 2014, The Media Club of DWIT came up with something really new and exciting. The reformed club started with an epic talk show, ‘Be My Guest’. ‘Be My Guest’ is a talk program where ‘The Media Club’ invites rousing personalities to share their journey with us. Sunday was the scheduled shoot of our first episode. We had the founder of Open Space Nepal, Abdus Miya on the guest chair with us. Preparations for the show were very thrilling but at the same time, nerve-wracking too. We came to the college at about 10 in the morning to practice and prepare for the interview. We took over the small seminar hall and converted it to our own comfortable studio. The main figure of the day, Mr. Miya came at about 11:50 am. The conversation with him went quiet healthy. Within this period, the studio was being set and the audience had also arrived. [caption id="attachment_3496" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Photo Credit: The Media Club Photo Credit: The Media Club[/caption] Collecting all the confidence that we had, we started the show at around 12:40 pm. The show went pretty well. The shoot was over by half past 1 and we all headed to the college canteen for some snacks. As we got little familiar with him, we had a good round of conversation. He had a friendly personality which made us even more comfortable speaking with him. And also he is a young man around our age and with the same perception as ours. He then headed home and we finished the final round of shoot. At 3:30 pm it was all over. The day went fantastically well. We had many bloopers, many serious scenes and a lot of fun. Most importantly, this would not be possible without our amazing team. (Anushka Maharjan works as a volunteer reporter for the DWIT News.)