Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Growth of Chinese Mobile Phone Industry

By Ankit Pradhan

China has grown its market all over the globe in recent years. Its economic growth is remarkable. We can say that china not only has increased its economy but also it has expanded its market all over the world. It has been competing with other countries in almost every field. China recently became the second largest economy and is playing influential role in the global population. It has also played very important role in the field of Technology. Wireless Device Strategies has mentioned that China will overtake US as World’s Largest Mobile Phone Market by 2016. At present there are different Chinese mobile phones taking the market. Though Samsung is still the biggest, other are catching faster, China’s Xiaomi has become world’s third biggest smartphones maker. In these past 3 months, more than 327 million smartphones were manufactured and shipped from the factories all over the globe and Xiamoi has been responsible for more than 5% of them. Xiamoi being young smartphones manufacturing company and still operating primarily from china, its growth is remarkable.  It has recently increased its network in Southeast Asia and India but it is still in the verse of growing. It has been able to grow in such a short period of time due to its low price with better quality and features as compared to other smartphones.  It’s not only Xiamoi that is growing china’s smart phones market but there are other smartphones such as OnePlus, Coolpad, Oppo, etc. These china’s smartphones are able to take market in very short period of time due to their target for middle class people. They are providing smartphones with different advanced features in comparatively cheaper price than other smartphones like Samsung, iPhone and Sony. Their strategy is very clear to provide what people want now. They know most of the people are from middle class family and search for reliable and less expensive smartphones. Chinese manufacturer do understand the sentiment of the people and are delivering what their customer exactly want.