Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Graduation and Deer Utsav 2.0

By Sushil Awale

Photo Courtesy: Aayush Manandar, Dipal Malla

Deerwalk Institute of Technology had started its journey with only eight students in one single class. With the motive of revolutionizing the education industry in Nepal, DWIT strived forward with the promise of a successful future.

In the past four years, the college had only words to describe the product of their endeavor. But, on March 13th, 2016, DWIT held its first ever graduation ceremony and it can now proudly showcase tangible results of its hard work and perseverance.

The ceremony started at 12.30 pm in the presence of Chairman Dr. Rudra Pandey and his family, Chief Guest Sushil Raj Pandey- Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist at ICIMOD, administrative staffs, students of batch of 2015 and their parents, and the students of DWIT. The program was hosted by Akankshya Upadhyaya, Anushka Maharjan, Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, Prayush Shrestha, Sabina Shrestha, and Shreya Acharya.


The program began with the singing of the National Anthem. Everybody stood up, and sang the anthem with utmost respect. The program continued with a speech by the campus chief, Surendra Nath Adhikari. In his speech, he mainly focused on DWIT reaching a milestone by graduating its first batch, and gave motivation to the 2015 batch to turn their dreams into reality.


Then, it was followed by Erica Pandey’s speech. Erica Pandey is majoring in English at Yale University, and she shared her own experience as an undergraduate. She emphasized on the importance of communication and soft skills.

Mr. Sushil Pandey also motivated the graduating students to embark on a journey which they are passionate about. He emphasized on taking calculated risks, and making the right decisions. He advised us all to continue learning throughout our life.

The program continued with a fourth speech. In his speech, Dr. Rudra Pandey, blessed the graduating students to be more successful than him and praised them for being the best possible role models to the juniors.

The graduating ceremony finally concluded with the distribution of graduation certificates, and photo session.

After the one hour long program, there was a short Tea Break.

After the tea break, Deer Utsav 2.0 started. This is an annual event of DWIT, and this was only the second Deer Utsav. Most of the performances in the event concentrated on batch of 2015.

Last year’s Deer Utsav was conducted outside of college premises. However, this year it was conducted in the college itself. The organizing team, lead by Anmol Shrestha, had been working for the last one week to prepare for the event. The Sagarmatha Hall, the canteen and the stage was refurbished for the event. The new curtains, glittering lights, and the stage decoration gave a new look and feel to the Sagarmatha Hall.

Deer Utsav 2.0 started with a beautiful dance performance on a Newari song, “Kali Maicha Mansi Maina”, by students of batch 2016. The performance received a big round of applause and appreciation from the audience. The dance performance was followed by a song, “Sambhodan”, performed by Dipal Malla and Suyog Shrestha. This was a farewell message to the graduating batch and set the tone for the event.


The song was followed by a dance performance by students of batch 2019. This was the first of four dance performance by batch 2019. It was a traditional Tamang dance. The program continued with a solo song, “Lego House”, performed by Dipesh Bhandari.

Following the song, there was a presentation by the Media Club. It was a documentary show casing the experiences of the graduating batch, and farewell message by the DWIT family.

The Hiking Club also awarded Best Male and Female Hikers Award to Sagar Giri and Sharun Sangat based on the no. of hikes they have attended. DWIT News Club and Media Club gave token of appreciation to their past presidents, Pratibh Acharya and Bhawana Dahal, who are from the graduating batch.


From the official mood, the event took a turn to a comical one with the drama Tigerwalk: Part II. The actors in the drama caricatured the administrative staffs and the graduating batch. The whole hall was full of excitement and laughter.

After the drama, the program continued with a song by one of the administrative staff, Samjhana Pokharel. Then, there was the second dance performance by student of batch 2019. It was a traditional Bhojpuri song titled, “Raja Baiman”.

After some traditional dance performance, boys from batch of 2019 performed modern dance on the song titled, “Yani Maya Ho”.


The dance performance was followed by a musical performance. Students from batch 2017 and 2018 performed the song, “Darjeeling ko Railai Ma”. It was a duet by Abhishek Khatiwada and Pemma Ghising Tamang. The song got the whole audience singing.

The song was followed by another beautiful song. This time, the students of batch 2016 performed the song, “Dadhelero”.  On the request of the audience, the singer, Bidur Shrestha, performed the song, “Syndicate” as well.

Then, there were two more dance performances. One of them was from students of batch 2018. The dance performance was on the song, “Kamar Mathi Patuki “. Another dance performance was by students of batch 2019. They performed on the songs, “Surke Thaili”, and “Uptown Funk”.

The program soon came to a conclusion. There were a couple of song performances by the Music Club. The first song was an original composition from the Music Club. The song was dedicated to the graduating batch and it was about the college years. The second song was titled, “Sathi”. This song was dedicated to all the students present at the event.

This performance ended the official event. The emcee’s gave their vote of thanks to all the participants of the event. After a quick photo session, there was a surprise cake for the graduating batch. All the students gathered in the courtyard, and the graduating batch cut the cake.

After having dinner, all the students and staffs gathered in the courtyard for a dance party. Under the dark sky, with all the glittering lights, and club music, everyone danced. Finally, after 7 o’ clock, the dance party started to fade out and people started to head home.

One of the organizing members Anmol Shrestha said, " DeerUtsav 2.0 has been the hardest event I ever had to pull off but it was one of the best event ever had. I was immensely worried a day before the event. We were supposed to rehearse the whole event a day before but the stage wasn't ready till 8pm, Saturday 12th March. We had the idea of how we were going to organize the event but somehow things were not working as we planned. We rushed rehearsal early morning and hoped we would pull it off smoothly. As the core organizer I had to call the shots on every changes we had to make and other details . But thanks to the emcees, volunteers and other organizing members i had in my disposal, they made my work really easy and at last we somehow managed to pull off the event successfully. It was a great experience.

I barley sat for 5 minutes during  the performances. All the performances were equally good, from drama to dance to songs. Though it was quite hot I enjoyed every performance. The dance party after the event was too fun. At last DeerUtsav 2.0 was successful in the way that it had managed to get everyone more closer to each other."