Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Grades- My life Is More Than This!

By Barsha Dahal

Look children are playing hide and seek and laughing. Aw! my goodness they are so happy. Maybe they still have not met that bloody ghost, the ghost of “grades”. They are not aware of the difficulties they are going to face due to their grades. They are soon going to hear, “Son/Daughter, you will get a new toy but get 90% on your exams first.” Now the kid will say “Oh no, I actually do not like toys.” Seriously, it's too much. Babies are just learning how to play and run. Then the burden of grades will be thrown on their head. I am against the grading system. I just hate it. Some people believe it is very galvanizing and motivating. Wait motivating....? Are you kidding? You will get chocolates or new dresses if you achieve good grades. If not be ready to face the repercussions. This trepidation is engraved in our brain from the time we startlearning ABCs. We are just about to discover alphabets and numbers for the first time in our lives and watch how the grading system has devoured our education and has made our lives worse than it could be! Let those kids memorize the meaning of A for apple at first rather than A+. I agree the results are mandatory to know about our progress. I am not trying to say grading system should be eliminated but the deep rooted mentality upon it should be changed. The way people are treated on the basis of their grades, I loathe this fact. Fine! grade them but atleast donot understimate them as individuals.How can anyone stand being judged time and time again? Why should people judge anyone through alphabets?We are more than those letters. Let us be free. Let us do our work as wewish to.Grading me means someone is trying to control me. I feel like they are trying to cut my wings. Our studies should not be a burden for us.They should be  fun and constructive. If time and again someone grades us, it is going to discourage us and that alacrity to learn is lost somewhere. This is my life, I have the whole authority of it. I just want to face everything. My failures, my success,  they are my experiences. Nobody is going to fall and stand up with me. I have to wake up to fulfill my dreams myself. Then who provided them the right to judge me? These realizations are very crucial for my life. Failures never scare me but grades upsets me. Let me dance even when I failed my exam. Although I fail I want to enjoy this part of my life. Life is not only about getting good grades. It is also about learning to smile at our shortcomings. Nepal’s education system is based on grades. If you get good marks then you are the most brilliant student. Even if you cannot compete in the real world, it’s OK, because you have got good grades. Unluckily if your grades aren't satisfactory, your intelligence is useless. Although you may  have practical knowledge of things, but who cares? Because this is Nepal. Students study not because they love to, but they want to score good grades. Our parents and teachers compare us with our friends. They say, "Your friend got 90% and you struggle for 60%.” If my parents and teachers would listen to my words patiently at that time then I would say to them, “Dear parents and teachers, my life is totally different from my friends’. I am unique. So, do not compare me with others. I am not a thing to be compared. I am your daughter and your student. More than that I am me. At least let me trust myself.” Imagine,what will happen if the grading system were to be implemented in our homes? If we eat every vegetables even though we hate it, we will get A+. If we do not clean our rooms daily, our parents will give us a D. They will start criticizing each and every work we do. Ok Ok... don’t panic! I got goosebumps while thinking about this. Thank God it was just my dreadful imagination. Hey guys, never let those grades judge you. Whatever others may think about you, it does not matter. Study for yourself. Your aim is your dream. So go and get it with enthusiasm not with fear. Fear can never be the reason to live. You may fail many times. Your parents and teachers may scold you. Take it positively they are not your enemy. They want to see you successful. Yeah, you may not like the way they are treating you. Always remember, they are right in their own way but their thought is different from us. Our failures will only tell us that we need to work harder on. Nothing more than that. Learn from your failures and trust me its an amazing adventure. When grades come between you and your happiness tell yourself that you are stronger than them. They can not snatch the charm of your smile, your beautiful way to think and a reason to live. So stay cool, happy and strong! :)