Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

A Place Lost, What Now?

By Anish Thakuri

Photo: Sharmila Didi standing in front of her shop Photo Courtesy: Sumit Shrestha


It sounds like Deerwalkers have lost an integral part of their life. The shop that has been serving scrumptious food items from the last 4 year, the shop that has slaked the appetite of so many people, the one that has connected entire Deerwalk in one unit, no longer exists. With the Deerwalk expansion project taking a new shape, it has deeply affected our loveliest Didi's shop. After serving for nearly 4 years, the shop has literally been shut down since last Friday (April 3, 2015). Now the question arises, what impact does it have on people of Deerwalk?  Will the lifestyle of Deerwalkers be the same after losing their favorite shop?

It's for sure that Deerwalkers will badly miss the taste of Didi’s handmade foods in the coming days. Those delicious breakfast, hot tea and snacks will never be forgotten. Sometimes, it is always difficult to forget the people in our life who give us so many things to remember. Really, I can't describe in words how kind she was to us. The way she treated us was more like her own family. Sometimes it felt that she was serving not to her customers but for her own family. Everyone was more than delighted to have a person like Sharmila Didi in their vicinity.

Be it the employees or the students, the shop had been acting as one of the  favorite junctions to spend  time with friends. Be it to share the happiness/sorrow with friends, or to discuss something about software projects.  From criticizing the college administration to discussing about the football world, the shop had been an excellent spot to do all these things. Specially for the smokers, the shop had more value than nonsmokers. From the packet of Red to light cigarette, the junk foods to fresh fried ones, cold drinks to hot lemon water, everything used to be available in the shop. In the shortest point of time, the shop had gained love and affection of so many people.

Now, everything resides in the memory. The existence of the shop will soon become history once it will be destroyed to make some space. Neither DWIT students nor the employees of Deerwalk nor the shop owner Sharmila didi are happy to lose that shop. Sharmila Didi hadn't expected this from Deerwalk.  With a grim face she said, “I had thought everything would go right for the next 7-8 years. I was holding a good income. I used to feel happier to serve people. But life never goes as we expect it to. I never thought that I would have to leave this place. Today, I really feel sad to leave this place. If I get a place near the Tamreswor area, I will open up a shop again.”

It will be very difficult to get a shop like hers. Now, the question is, Who/What will replace Didi's shop in Deerwalk? Will it be the Deerwalk Canteen or 'Bajeko Pasal' or the shops that lie along the periphery of Tamreswor Temple? We will obviously get this answer in coming days. But one thing is sure that we will never ever get a shop similar like 'Didi ko Pasal'. Hope we will get her back soon outside the periphery of Deerwalk.

I would like to wish her  good luck for her future. Thank you for the memories Didi and sorry for our inconsideration.