Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

#GOLDSTAR Trending in DWIT!

By Iris Raj Pokharel

Photo Courtesy: Bimal Gaire

Nepal has been growing in terms of homemade products with expertise quality and affordable price. In 1990, Universal Footwear Industries  launched a mid priced, value for money brand called GOLDSTAR. Goldstar is a robust brand shoes made with genuine materials and modern technology.


In order to promote Nepali homemade products a new trend has started inside DWIT, trend of wearing Goldstar shoes. Goldstar shoes are popular for its comfortable fitting with affordable price. Some students from DWIT also highlighted the fact that being a Nepali it is our responsibility to promote local products inside the country. Sagar Giri from Batch of 2016 and Sabin Pathak from Batch of 2019 are the students who started this trend inside the campus. Sabin Pathak said , "We have started this campaign so that every other person belonging to Deerwalk family would  be aware of the available fine quality Nepali product". He also added, "If we are successful enough to promote this campaign inside the Deerwalk premises we will also be able to take this campaign to the next level as well." Many DWIT students have been supporting this campaign. Feedback from the students wearing this product have been positive till date. Some of the students also highlighted the fact that this product is really comfortable and not less than any other international brand shoes. A small step can also make a major difference. Hence, I would like to suggest each and everyone to take this small step and help local products like Goldstar shoes to grow. Who knows? This campaign could help Goldstar shoes capture other national as well as international audiences. Let us promote local products together.