Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Are We Going Home?

By Sabin Pathak

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

A great fear is looming around me. My heart asks the question, “Am I going home this year?”

Dashain, the greatest festival celebrated by Nepalese around the world, is almost here. It is the biggest festival in Nepal. But this year, there are many obstacles for the ones who have come to Kathmandu either for their studies or work. They have come to the capital, away from their homes. They now have a fear: “Can they reach their HOME safely before the festival formally begins?”

Now the excitement of Dashain is spreading everywhere, whereas our country Nepal, is suffering from a great problem. Due to the regular strikes by Madeshi Morchha, most of the districts are suffering. The people in those districts have been badly affected. The cause of this suffering is regular strikes that started almost two months ago. At the same time, the greedy behavior shown by our neighboring country, India, added fuel to the fire. Our society defines a neighbor as “Jeudda ko Janti, Marda ko Malami.” This signifies that good neighbors are those who participate in the happiness of their neighbors and are also ready to offer any help when needed. However, the behavior shown by India towards Nepal not only proves that it is not a good neighbor, but also shows that their behavior is undignified, backhanded and atrocious.

India had stopped its supply of petroleum products to Nepal, saying that there was an issue of security because of the strikes in Terai. It has opened the border now. However, that act of India had brought about a scarcity of petroleum products in Nepal as the country totally relies on India for it. The issue still persists. The country is making use of what it has in stock. Most of the Nepalese who own private vehicles are getting distracted and searching for alternatives because there are no any petroleum products available. Public vehicles are also stopping to give services due to lack of petroleum products. It is very difficult to find vehicles that go outside the valley or buy bus tickets to return home. Hence, migration is becoming more difficult. In this situation, how can we believe that there is a way for us to go home? Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has people from almost every part of Nepal. Looking at the past, it is true that most of the Nepalese people who were in Kathmandu for different purposes left for celebration of the great festival, Dashain. So this group of people has a great fear; will they be able to make it out this year?

Another situation is the strike in Terai. Although the situation of petroleum will be normalized soon since India has opened the border, people from that part where the strike is ongoing have doubt whether the strike will stop or not. If only it stops, then there is a way for them to get to their home.

Thus, we wish that the strikes will be over soon and everything will be normal. This is the only way that we will be able to go home and ensure the safety of every one.