Sun, 01 Oct, 2023

Going Back To Our Childhood

By Sabin Pathak

Art By: Shreha Regmi

Oe, aaija khelna jaau…..” “Aja k khelne hami…” “Hay..khelaula ni j baye pani….guccha, dandibiyo, lukimari…j banchas tehi khelne…..”

These words remind me of my past. When I used to go to the open fields with my friends, I felt immense joy. I wonder if there is a way to acknowledge those days, those events, and the happiness that I once used to feel while playing those games with my friends.

I know I am not the only one with these memories in my mind. There are many people who often dive into their thoughts, thinking about these kinds of things. They are those who have lived their childhood to the fullest and have had fun by playing games, by spending time with friends or by carrying out any other extra activities.

It is impossible to go back to our past and have fun, but there are some ways that will lead us to some level of satisfaction and provide us the visualization of becoming a child again.

“Can’t we play those games like guccha, dandibiyo, lukimari and many more with our friends now?”

Some people might laugh at the idea of playing these sorts of games at this age. But the fact is that games are played and age doesn’t have anything to do with it; they are for enjoyment. So, if we enjoy playing these games, why can’t we play them now, at this age?

Moreover, it is not only about PLAYING the games, but it is also about the way to VISUALIZE our past days. By sharing the memorable incidents of our childhood among friends, we can visualize our past to a certain level. The problem is that we always hesitate to share our memories. Additionally, our schedules are very busy so we do not have as much time to play games anymore. We haven’t even tried to manage the time for it because of the fear of what others might think about it.

Then, what is the way to manage our time doing so?

Regarding this issue, we can manage our time by joining that forum which is dedicated for such activities. Cannot we create a new forum or platform that always encourages us to explore our childhood experiences and activities?  The forum should be shaped in such a way that we are free to play the games that we used to play in our childhood and talk about our memorable incidents.

With the purpose of engaging the students in extracurricular activities and helping them to explore themselves, DWIT, an institution different than others, runs various clubs; the students manage the club activities. But there is not a forum that encourages us to explore our childhood activities and experiences.

Isn’t it time for DWIT to prove its uniqueness by creating such forums?

Will it not be beneficial for us if there are such forums at DWIT?

I hope this type of forum will be formed at DWIT soon so that we can visualize our past more clearly.