Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Goal Line Technology: For the first time

By Mahan Adhikari

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Goal Line Technology as proposed by FIFA is a technical means of instantly determining whether or not the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, not more and not less. There are several debates of making the game as original and real as possible but addition of some technology for making the game fairer is never a bad thing. The goal line Technology is one such technology which is engulfing football. The Goal Line Technology is not to replace the referees but to support them in the decision making. The Goal Line Technology is a recent addition to technology in football. In July 2012, International Football Association Board (IFAB) officially approved the Goal Line Technology and formulated strict rules and regulations for its conduct.

Since 2012 the following are the laws under the ‘Rules of the game’ related to Goal Line Technology.

  • 1st Law (The Field of Play): permitting modifications to the goal frame.
  • 2nd Law (The Ball): permitting the use of approved balls with integrated technology.
  • 5th Law (The Referee): requiring the referee to test a goal-line technology system prior to a match and not use it if a fault is found.
  • 10th Law (The Method of Scoring): permitting the use of goal-line technology to verify whether or not goals have been scored. It states that "the use of GLT must be stipulated in the respective competition rules."

Goal Line Technology is an expensive technology formulated in the game of football so it is used only in the highest footballing tournament. Currently, Goal Line Technology is used in Major European Leagues and the World Cup. With the technology developing at such a rapid rate, we can expect more forms of technologies which will help make the game fair in the coming years.

However, this year Goal-Line technology has been used in the Euro Cup 2016, the very first time it has been used in this competition.

With the inclusion of Goal Line Technology, we can expect Euro Cup to be a fair tournament. Goal Line technology is a great addition to the greatest game in the globe i.e. Football.