Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

Turkish Man Invents Glasses To Conceal Phone Screen

By Raju Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: http://www.odditycentral.com

When you are using a smartphone in a public place, have you ever wondered if stranger people sitting near you are looking at your phone screen. Does it feel like they are peeking into your life and disrupting your privacy? If so, no need to worry about it anymore because a Turkish phone-repairer has developed a glass which conceals your phone screen from such people. This glass interacts with the smartphone’s screen so that only the person who wears this glass can see the screen. This glass helps to keep the privacy of your smartphone.

The 42-year-old Turkish man, Celal Goger, while traveling through a packed public vehicle noticed strangers looking at his phone. He realized it was a serious privacy issue which, surely, other people are facing regularly as well. He immediately went back to his workplace and started working to find a solution for it.

With his experience and technique, the phone-repairer found a solution which keeps any phone, tablet or laptops screen white for everyone unless they are wearing a special glass. This special pair of glass allows you to see your smartphone’s screen in normal view while others only see a white screen.

According to some Turkish websites, the mechanism includes two chips. One small programmed chip installed on the smartphone makes the screen white and the other chip can be mounted on any pair of glasses and connect the chip to the phone via Bluetooth to bypass the white screen.

The best part of this privacy system is that it will only cost $10 and the Bluetooth system can be used to turn the system on or off. This privacy system can be used in any kind of electronic display like phone, tablet, laptops and even that of the television sets.

The inventor is currently trying to get the invention patented, after that he will mass produce the device. It will definitely help many people to keep their privacy secure.