Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Girl’s Futsal: Only Two Willing Candidates. Why?

By Ashmita Kunwar

Art By: Nikita Gautam

It is rare to see girls around us playing games like football and cricket. People talk about girl’s rights, saying girls are not given the same opportunities as boys, and are treated differently. But I wonder, when a girl is given a chance, why does she not come forward and utilize it properly? When they are not given chances, they shout at the top of their lungs, but when given a chance, they don’t value and respect it.

Something similar happened in DWIT. During the cultural fest, girls put their foot forward for dancing and singing. However, when it is about games they need to be pushed hard by others. Is it their nature that prevents them from playing, or is this what has resulted from our society? From childhood girls are given Barbie Dolls to play with, and boys are given footballs to play with. In DWIT, every week boys go for Futsal, but girls do not even bother to read mail when it come from the Sports Club asking for the participants.

According to the last email sent by the Sports Club, only two out of 30 girls gave their names for the upcoming Futsal event. This is a pretty sad news.

DWIT News decided to take the opinions of the girls on various questions related to the Girl’s Futsal. Let us read their opinions:

You are a senior at DWIT. Juniors will be inspired from you and follow your path. It would be a source of motivation for girls if you had given your name for the girl’s Futsal. What is your view on this?

“I would have, if I had known better. I was giving my exams when the forms came out. I did not even bother to look at the Sports Club’s mail, because my subconscious mind might have thought, “Oh sports?? Oh Boys.” And I missed out on an opportunity to play the game which I enjoy the most: Football. In today’s day and age, life consumes you. You are too busy with too many things. If you don’t juggle well, you fail. I could not inspire juniors because I didn't participate. I feel really bad about it. But I surely do have a message, keep your eyes, ears and mindset open. Think freely to feel liberated. Don’t miss out on anything; just because you have too much on your plate already, trust me, it's never going to be enough. Take chances, explore, and study hard. Play harder. Don’t you ever settle! Keep looking and keep exploring, it’s the exact right time to do so.”

Bhavan Dahal, 7th Semester, DWIT

Comment: Game is not only meant for boys, it is time for us to say “Oh game! Oh girls”. Let’s play. Anyways, great answer and keep motivating juniors.

At present there are many girls in DWIT enough to make two teams. But, what made you step backward? Why didn’t you give your name for the Futsal that is going to be organized in college?

It is good now that there are more girls in DWIT. But we did not start the Futsal thing from the first year; hence we unconsciously ignored the Futsal thing. It is the same reason I did not send my name. I might have given my name if we, girls from all batches, have talked more about it. I think girls from other batches too have the same problem. I would term it lack of coordination. But nobody raised this thing before, I guess. It will be excited if we could team up and play the game.

Asmita Bista, 6th semester, DWIT

Comment: You could have been an initiator and consulted all the girls around you to play Futsal; the bad culture we have been following is we always wait for others. But since you are excited about the game, and I guess other girls are too, now we can all apply (if the Sports Club extends the deadline). :)

Girls Futsal is going to be conducted in our college, but out of 30 girls from DWIT only two of them have given names. What might be the reason for you not being interested in upcoming Futsal?

First of all, I am not a sporty girl. I love to watch games but have never imagined of playing myself. And the thing that is holding me back from participating is ‘myself’; I do not have enough guts to break off my shell and confidence in me to do something that is out of my comfort zone. But now, when I think about it again, I think I can convince myself to give it a try but I am not so sure. :P

Asmita Subedi, 4th Semester, DWIT

Comment: Getting out of comfort zone and doing something different makes your life more exciting and meaningful. Go for it girl! 

You are all-rounder; you are involved in dancing, singing, speaking everything. Then, why not Futsal?

Well, this is sort of a straightforward question. Involving in sports is an important part of life. About getting involved in Futsal tournament, I had missed out reading the email so I did not see that it was meant for boys AS WELL AS GIRLS (my BLUNDER MISTAKE). That was my mistake and I regret it now. I would not say I am busy because I really want to play as much as games as I can, although I might not be able to make it well for the first time. It’s all about gathering experience rather than being perfect in something. Although it's late, I have applied for the tournament. Even if I don't get selected this time, NEVER MIND, next time I will not miss the change for the world. It is not always about being perfect in something or being someone's cup of tea, but it's always about trying. And I would definitely like to taste that tea as well, be it bitter or sweet. :)

Nikita Gautam, 4th Semester, DWIT

Comment: We ignore the mail from Sports Club because our mind is already set up with the thought “Oh Sports! Oh Boys!” like Bhavna said. I am certain that we’ll read it from now on. 

Out of 30 girls in DWIT, two girls gave their names for upcoming Futsal, and you are one of the two interested. What is the motivating force for you to play?

I have loved sports ever, since I was a child. I try to participate in as many sports activities as possible. As per football, I am a football fan. I watch Premier League. I have always wanted to play football but never got a chance. Now the college is about to conduct Futsal and I have sent my name for participation.

But it’s bad you know, two girls can't form a team and I don’t think college will conduct Futsal for girls.

Nisha Dhungana, 4th Semester, DWIT

Comment: Nice job Nisha! You are the initiator, keep playing. One suggestion to you is that you know two girls don’t make a team, hence now you can inspire other girls around you to join you and we can then ask the Sports Club to extend the deadline. What say?

You are a good basketball player; we have seen you play. We also wanted to see you play in the upcoming Futsal tournament, but sadly you didn't give your name. Why is it so?

Because I alone cannot form a team. To build a team, we need other interested players as well, if others are interested, I'm in!

Sneha Parajuli, 4th Semester, DWIT

Comment: You cannot play alone; yes, it is true but you should have given your name thinking positively that others could follow you seeing you in the field.

You have a perfect body; I love it. And I had presumed that you exercised regularly to maintain it. Don't you think athletic sports such as Football could help one maintain their body? If yes, why did you not submit your name for Girls Futsal that is going to be conducted in DWIT? Did anything in particular held you back?

It came to my mind to fill up the form.  So, I asked my friend to participate together with me but she refused. This is the first reason. The other reason is I don’t know the rules. I  think it would be better if Sports Club would provide a kind of training class for the students like me who are interested to participate but don’t know how to play. Despite those problems, I am planning to give my name for the Futsal even though none of my friend will join me. I want be the source of inspiration to others.

Osheen Shrestha, 2nd Semester, DWIT

Comment: If we keep things limited to our thoughts and not implement them practically, we’ll not be able to achieve the results. Hence, don’t see what others are doing; don’t follow others if they aren’t doing something right, you should be the reason for others to follow you. You are known as "Nightingale of DWIT"; you sing so nice. Don't you think, it would be a beautiful change for you to join something extra like Futsal? Futsal… umm… I don’t think I can ever play Futsal!  Hahahahha.. Actually I sing for a single reason and that is I love singing. Whenever I sing, warmness of that music reaches inside me and makes me feel alive. I don’t think I can get that satisfaction while playing Futsal or doing any other thing.  Though it’s not that I want to make my career in music field, singing is something greater than career for me. Music is my life and singing is just like nurturing this life. Will I have the same passion for Futsal or any other extra things? I don’t think it is possible. While doing something that we feel so good about, we feel like we have been doing it from the day we were born. We feel like that thing is so connected to us. If I begin to say what is singing for me, I will never get tired but you editors will. Why I sing? Because it gives me happiness and one powerful thing is I never bring anyone between my feeling and my consciousness while singing. So, music makes me independent. Why I don’t play Futsal or participant actively in other sports? Simply because I don’t get myself there. J Someday, I may try playing Futsal but I won’t actually enjoy it like I do while singing. Barsha Dahal, 4th Semester, DWIT Comment: Nice saying Barsha! We can see your love and devotion towards music; you enjoy deep down from your heart when you sing. Keep singing, go for it. But never confine yourself with anything particular, try something different like Futsal. Hope you will love it.

After analyzing the opinions given by the girls, it seems that everyone is interested but the very bad  culture that we have learnt from the beginning of our life is that we do if we see others doing it, but not alone. Most of the time, we just wait for someone to initiate. When everyone waits, no one will initiate, they remain where they are.

I think if the Sports Club extends the deadline to submit the form, I am sure many girls will submit their names now. I hope Sports Club will provide motivation for girls to play in the upcoming days.