Sun, 26 May, 2024

The Girl Who Gave Me a Lift

By Giriraj Khatri

In the cold morning of January, I rushed down the corridor and flew out of the gate. I looked at my watch only to find whether I was getting late or not. First day of examination and I could not be late at any cost. Huffing and puffing I reached the bus stand. Due to the acute shortage of fuel in the Kathmandu valley, the buses plying on the roads had decreased significantly. This really killed my patience and forced me to ask for a lift.

I doubt if humanity still exists within people living in urban areas like Kathmandu. Everyone has their own business to attend and have no time for others. After waving my hand to and fro for more than five minutes and receiving no response back, I decided to take a walk to the college. In the back of my mind revising all the programming codes that I had practiced last night and wishing that at least somebody would stop by and ask me where I was heading, I walked towards my destination. I glanced at every vehicles that passed by in a hope of getting a ride. I passed by a tea shop and saw that it was already 7:30 am. I tried to move my legs faster and at some point even tried to run. But it was all helpless, there was no chance that I would enter the hall exactly at 8:00 am.

Surprisingly, a red aviator came by and asked where I was heading. With a huge relief I said to Jaya Bageshwori. She asked me to jump in and I thanked her and requested her to drive a little faster as I was getting late for examination. She accelerated the vehicle. I heard a loud bang and the world turned dark for me.

I found myself lying in a hospital wing and there was a girl next to me. As soon as I opened my eyes, I could see the joy in her eyes. She asked me so many questions in one breath that I did not know which to answer. How are you now; where are you from; what do you do…. In that cold morning of January on the hospital bed it all slipped into a place for me. She became my music, my sun, my words, my logic, my confusion and over all a very good friend of mine. We talked about love, education, blockade, politics, thoughts and everything. The conversation was just flowing fluently. I had one of the most amazing feeling while talking to her.

I had forgotten that I was rushing to appear for the examination until she asked me about the college that I had to go to. Deerwalk Institute Of Technology, I replied. I said that I needed to call my parents. I called my mother and explained what had happened. She was in the hospital within next thirty minutes. It was when my mother said to her that she was also hurt, I noticed the bruises and scratches in her hand. I thought I was being too selfish. I did not want to be too late and apologized her for asking her to rush. She said I needed to get rest for the moment and not to think otherwise. As my mom had arrived, she was planning to leave now. If I had learned anything in life, it’s to express my gratitude and I could not forget to tell her that it meant a lot to me. She smiled pleasantly at me waved good bye to me. I was feeling that someone so close to me was going away from me. I thought friends were those people whom you know for a long time and laughed the loudest with but she made me realize that friends are those who can make a place in your heart. When she was just walking out of the door, she turned back and said “Get well soon.” I just waved her gently.

I went through many scans and after thorough examination by the doctor, I was safely back home. I had a company of my wonder lady, my source of inspiration and my world- my mother with me which made the situation a lot easier to adopt.

Still, I see her in my dreams, whenever any red aviator passes by how much I wish that it was her. When there is a call from unknown number; how I wish that it was her saying that I gave you lift last time. If I will ever meet her I will say to her in a way that she will not only hear but also will understand that I actually meant a lot when I said “it meant a lot to me.”. The random act of kindness can start a fire of love.