Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Get To Know: Prayush Shrestha, President of Hiking Club

By Moon Shrestha

  Prayush Shrestha, former vice - president of Deer Express club, now leads the DWIT Hiking club. With his great leadership and mentorship, the Hiking club has been providing one and two days hikes in and around Kathmandu valley for the students of Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT). DWIT News' Moon Shrestha talked to the versatile and cheerful president about his likes, dislikes and his other opinions. What are the three words your family or friends would use to describe you? Hulk, irritating, and sarcastic. Hulk because I get angry a lot, irritating because I irritate them in every possible way and sarcastic as I’m a very sarcastic person. What makes you happiest? There are quite a few things that make me happy like going for a ride on a cool evening, watching series, and obviously working out at the gym. What things do you not like to do? I don’t like to do assignments, copy notes from the whiteboard, and attend any classes. What was your upbringing like? I am actually a first born child so I had huge responsibilities like watching out for my little brother from an early age. As I am from a joint family I don’t have many friends aside from my siblings and cousins. My family was and is always there to support me. So, it was quite nice growing up in a joint family. Who is your personal hero? Why? Everybody considers their mom as their hero and same is for me. She takes good care of me and my family. She also makes sure that I get everything I want. She is the best cook in the world What’s the one thing people always misunderstand about you? People think that I’m arrogant. If I’m given any responsibility I do my best to fulfill it and sometimes I end up humiliating others. What’s your greatest failure and how did you overcome it? I haven’t had any failures till now. I have had many setbacks but I don’t consider them as my failures but opportunities to push me forward in life. Do you consider yourself extrovert or introvert? That’s a tough question actually. I consider myself both as an extrovert and introvert. It actually depends on the situation. If I am to talk with someone new I’m an extrovert but if I am to talk in presentations or family gatherings, you can call me an introvert. Why did you choose your respective club? What motivates you to work hard for the club? Actually, I didn’t choose to become the president of the Hiking club. I had applied for Sports club and I really wanted to be a part of it. It was my dream club since I joined DWIT. But I was told that it would be really good if I joined Hiking club and I had to do so. I had never imagined that it would be such a huge responsibility for the club. And as I’ve said before if I’m given any responsibility I’d do my best to fulfill it. And that’s what motivates me to work hard for my club. Club goals or club members? What comes first for you? That’s again a tough question because I can’t differentiate between club goals and club members. The members are the heart of the club and goal is something we must achieve by working together. So, I think club members come first for me because without my members I cannot achieve anything. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? I always want to do something new. I’m organizing three days hike for the first time and I want people to remember me for the new things I brought for this club. So I think that would be my legacy: to do new things