Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Get To Know Bishal Timalsina, President of Music Club

By Moon Shrestha

Bishal Timalsina, President of Music Club
Bishal Timalsina, who has a musical aura around him, leads the Music Club of DWIT. He is a kind and sincere person who is passionate about music and is determined to reach out to people through it. The president sat down for a face-to-face conversation with DWIT News' Moon Shrestha to let us know a little more about himself. What are the three words your family or friends would use to describe you? The three words I'm mostly called are crazy, hyper and frank. What makes you happiest? I feel good when I can successfully communicate with people and when I'm able to reach out to anyone whether through music or talking. It makes me really happy. What things do you not like to do? I don't like to judge people and I'm not really fond of making 'over the top'  fun of anyone. What was your upbringing like? My upbringing was simple and normal. I changed my school once and I was into music since I was a kid. Who is your personal hero? Why? There's an artist named Nick Drake whom I consider my personal hero. I feel some kind of connection with him and I can relate my personal story with his as well. What’s the one thing people always misunderstand about you? I come off as a hyperactive person to people, which I'm really not. I like people making comfortable around me and they misjudge me for a very excited person.  What’s your greatest failure and how did you overcome it? I don't think I've had any failures till now. I definitely don't consider my mistakes as failures because they have taught me something new in life. Do you consider yourself extrovert or introvert? I'm an introvert. I come off as an extrovert but believe me I'm an introvert. Why did you choose Music club? What motivates you to work hard for the club? I was influenced by music since I was a kid. I consider music very important to me and music club was perfect for me. I think this club is an opportunity and I might as well grab it. Club goals or club members? What comes first for you? It's definitely club members. I don't think it's possible for any club to achieve their club goals without connecting with their club members. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? I want to be a president that brings a different kind of mixture and new experience to the club. I also want my club to not only be bounded within the college premises but to see it reach outside the premises as well.