Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Get To Know Anushka Maharjan, President of The Artistas

By Moon Shrestha

  Anushka Maharjan is president of The Artistas - one among the many clubs in DWIT. She’s exceptionally bright, motivating, and poised to accomplish whatever she sets out. The president sat down for a conversation with DWIT News' Moon Shrestha. What are the three words your family or friends would use to describe you? Cheerful, chubby and self-contained. What makes you happy? My mom makes me the happiest because whenever she’s not with me I always feel like I’m missing something. My day is never complete without calling “Mamu!”  What are the things that you try avoiding? I don’t like to stay alone. Being alone makes me unstable and empty so I always need a friend beside me. What was your upbringing like? I am the smallest member of my family so I was pampered but not that intensely. There were moments where I would get jealous of my brother as I would think that he is receiving more love than me. I knew everybody loved me but still, I would have those feelings. Who is your personal hero? Why? No one has influenced me to the point where I can call one a 'Hero.' But if there is anyone, I’ll have to say it’s my mom. She’s very supportive and has never said ‘No’ to me. She always motivates me to try new things because she believes you won’t know until you try. What’s the one thing people always misunderstand about you? I don’t have the habit of greeting people first. I only talk to them if they come to talk to me. So people always think of me as a 'proud' person. I don’t talk to people unless I’m very close or comfortable with them. What’s your greatest failure and how did you overcome it? I haven’t come across any failure yet. And if I’ll ever experience, I’ll definitely give my best to overcome it. It is ups and downs and failure that keeps life running. Do you consider yourself extrovert or introvert? I’m an introvert with people I don’t know. But extremely extrovert with people I’m close with. Why did you choose your respective club? What motivates you to work hard for the club? I think I have that creativeness and I have a great interest in arts and colors. So that was the main reason I was into the club. Also, it’s a new club and thought it would be a great idea to use my creativity and polish it even more. Club goals or club members? What comes first for you? Each time the club members meet, everybody has their own unique ideas and that’s from where the club forms its goals. In the long run, we have to run the club and for that, we need members’ ideas and concepts to work on the goal. So, I think both are equally important for me. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Everybody has their own creativeness. Art is involved in everything knowingly or unknowingly. So, anyone can do anything related to art. It is never limited.