Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

Get To Know: Trishna Singh, an Active Woman Engineer in Nepal

By Anish Thakuri

Photo Courtesy: Trishna Singh

Trishna Singh, a new faculty member of DWIT is one of the active woman Engineers of Nepal. She completed BE (Electronics & Communication) from Eastern college of Engineering, Purbanchal University in 2005 and completed MSc (Information & Communication Engineering) from IOE Pulchowk Campus, T.U in 2013. She Started her carrier as a full time faculty member at Nepal Engineering College, now she works on her own software company, Integrated ICT Pvt. Ltd., Jawagal-10 Lalitpur. Her Research interest is in Machine Learning, Telecommunication and Network Security.

Learning is preparing you for a war, but when you are in it, your victory depends on lot other factors that only what you learn. So, learning is essential, but it is also important to have management quality to perform in real life projects.

So the DWIT News Team managed to take her Interview. Here is what she said:

Can you briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies and your educational background?

“Yes, I am Trishna Singh. I did my Masters in Information and Communication Engineering from Pulchowk campus. I love adventurous sports. I have gone Rafting, Trekking and paragliding so far.”

How important do you think computer science is?

“Well! Can you imagine your day without technologies related to computer science? I believe not. So, yes as we grow more towards technologies we need more resources to support the needs, which is only possible with computer science.”

What things inspired you to become an IT professional?

“IT is the field where you can be satisfied with what you are doing, make a good living and still touch lives of millions of people. That is what enticed me to the profession.”

As you have told that you have your own company, so what it is about?

“Our Company solves challenging technological problems in partnership with our clients that traditional software development companies are not capable of. How we do it?

  • We understand the needs of our clients, which are complex. Rather than asking them to simplify their expectations, we integrate state-of-the-art technologies from artificial intelligence, machine learning and language processing to provide solutions to meet them.
  • We do not compromise on the quality of our solutions and take short-cuts. We study the theoretical foundations of technology behind our solutions extensively to ensure it behaves as expected when scaled or migrated
  • We value creativity and collaboration. Though there are team and project lead, the solutions is a collective effort. Creativity comes from the diversity of our expertise.
  • Each project has a new team. The nature of the problem selects the team combination with desired skill and expertise.
  • We encourage our members to actively think and use their expertise to contribute to the society.”

What is your role in that company?

“I am one of the board members and also a full time employee in my company. The thing I love about being part of it is, I can learn and explore independently, which feeds my hunger for research. Working for someone else has certain limits which is not necessarily bad but there is certain thrill to discover your own path.”

What difference do you find in learning and in real world projects?

“Learning is preparing you for a war, but when you are in it, your victory depends on lot of other factors than only what you have learned. So, learning is essential, but it is also important to have management quality to perform in real life projects.”

How did you join DWIT?

“One of my friend recommended me to join DWIT. His first comment was you will love their food. Now, I can see what he was talking about :)”

What do you think about DWIT? How has your experience been in DWIT so far?

“I loved the small structure of class which enables me to focus on each student. As I mentioned, I loved the food. I am fairly new to DWIT. So, I am still in process of exploring new colleagues, professionals and staffs. But so far, I would say it has been a good ride.”

Where do you think Nepal’s IT field is heading?

“I think Nepal has done pretty good job in making its mark as IT hub for other developed country especially with all the limitations we face. But one thing we can improve as an IT community is, we should come with more original ideas and applications. We have the talent and world is the limit for IT. So, I believe that is the future down the road. Of course, considering we will find some solutions for basic needs of IT like electricity and Internet.”

As there are many IT professionals in Nepal. How do you think they contribute to the nation through what they have learnt?

“First thing is, I know lot of professionals working in projects across the world, though currently it is small, it contributes to flow of money to Nepal. I also know other individuals who strive to join Nepal with other IT driven countries. For example, I really like how they used data driven technology for earthquake relief. As a company, we are working on E-learning, Nepali Language Processing, Nepali fonts, MIS, Big Data and lots more. These helps our country to be more IT enabled.”

Your philosophy in life?

“Be honest and work hard, eventually, you will see the result.”

Can you tell us about your most memorable moment?

“I like to enjoy most out of the life. So, there are so many of them, It is hard to point one. But recently, I was pretty excited when we moved to our new office.”

Lastly what suggestion do you want to give for aspiring IT professionals?

“If you feel you have been doing same things for long, that is when you should start exploring your ideas and implement your skills to build something new, something great. There are no limits in what you can do in IT. All you need is one good idea.”