Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


By Ashmita Thapa

Picture Courtesy: Pravin Thapalia (Facebook Page) “Baffled and surrounded by many responsibilities; being a father was the happiest moment in my life.” – says Pravin Thapalia. DWIT has been offering many non-credit courses and trainings to students and outsiders. The sole purpose of those trainings and courses is polishing their knowledge.  Pravin Thapalia, a young energetic man, with the motive of sharing his knowledge to the students of DWIT has recently decided to join the DWIT family after he returned from the United Kingdom. He has joined DWIT family as a training coordinator. On continuation to the “Get to know” section, DWIT news has interviewed the new member of DWIT family, Pravin Thapalia. How do you describe yourself? I am Pravin Thapalia. I am here as a training coordinator. Before joining the DWIT family I worked in the Purbanchal University as a program coordinator, now I’m here as a training coordinator. What are your hobbies? I don't have a lot of hobbies but I do love to watch cricket. In my leisure time I play cricket. “West Indies” is my favorite cricket team so far. I enjoy playing table tennis as well. How did you come join the DWIT family? I came to know about DWIT through its website and was intrigued by the family-like environment and uniqueness of the institution. Therefore, I decided to join DWIT family. How is your experience in here? Well I have been in here for just few weeks, there is a lot more yet to experience. It has been great till now. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new environment and it feels great to be surrounded by such young yet brilliant people. What sort of training will you be providing? Oh no, you’ve been mistaken. I personally do not provide much training. But I will be looking over to the trainings that are being provided to the students such as Java, .NET and many more. I am responsible for managing the schedules of these non-credit courses and ongoing projects. What is your future plans? I plan on staying here for a long period of time, helping with the training management as well as academics. Do you watch movies? What is your favorite one? Yes, I do watch movies but honestly speaking I don’t have a particular favorite one. When I find time after my hectic schedule, I love to play with my son. I watch news on the television, these traumatic current situations that Nepal has been facing gets me worried. What is your happiest moment in life? Well, when you are completely confused and surrounded by millions of responsibilities, you come across a phase in life where a new gentle member is added to your family whose smiles enlightens your world, what can be more exciting and memorable? Being a father to my son “Grishma” is the happiest moment in my life.