Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Get to Know: A Nepali Twitch Streamer

By Abhusan Gautam

There are many things in life I aspire to do, and one of them includes streaming my games online. Streaming is the process of playing music or video or games live on the internet. There are very few Nepali Twitch Streamers and my personal favorite is SilentBlood91. She is the only female streamer in Nepal and is a lovely person. To know more about her, I on the behalf of DWIT News, asked her to share about her stream experience and about her personal life. Here is what she replied to us:

Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi, my name is Siryana Rai. I live in Cardiff, United Kingdom. I’m currently doing my Masters in Aeronautical Engineering in University of South Wales. I play DOTA 2 and other games, and I stream my games on Twitch. Aeronautical Engineering huh? Must be hard. How do you manage time between gaming and studies? Yes, I know it is nerdy. (Laughs). Well, it is kind of hard, but nothing is hard as long as you love it.

As for my time, I don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but I don’t have a fixed schedule of streaming my games. I stream randomly.

What inspired you to stream your games?

This is a hard question. Well, to be honest I love how Admiral Bulldog streams his games. Though I’m nothing like him, but streams does help me capture my moments, for instance the fails and plays and of course, the conversation I have with my friends. And it’s good to watch them later and have a good laugh. And, I think if you are streaming for Twitch, then its more about the game than the person you see behind the camera, if you know what I mean.

When did you officially start streaming?

End of 2013. Well it was kind of hard to get started, since I had to get a new PC to stream, but officially I started from the end of 2013.

What is your highest point and lowest point while streaming?

Her: How do you define highest point and lowest point?

Me: Well, the highest point would be the moment when you felt the most happiest and the lowest point would be the moment you felt totally discouraged.

Her: Well, it always feels good when I have viewers, especially Nepali Viewers. And yeah, when viewers are mean to you, of course that upsets me. It upsets anyone who is trying to stream and have a good time. However, if you ask now, if people come to my channel and talk rubbish, I just don’t care anymore. If it’s too much, I do timeout, but it doesn’t matter now.

Me: Quite a strong lady you are. :D

Her: Not everyone you meet are good people. :P

What games do you stream? Is it Dota 2 only or others too?

Dota 2 is the game I mostly stream, Hearthstone sometimes, Cities Skyline when I feel creative and Speed runner in between my Dota 2 games. I also play DAYZ, but rarely.

What would you like to suggest to other aspiring streamers?

If you are streaming and you love doing it, don’t get demotivated if you don’t have viewers, because as long as you love it, you shouldn’t give up. Of course you have to have interactions in your streams and your personality matters too, but the only thing I would suggest is never give up on something you love to do as long as you are happy doing it.