Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Is It Fair??!

By Shreha Regmi

People say that this is the 21st century. This is the modern era and we are free to do whatever we want. There is equality and no difference amongst girls and boys. But has the perceived gender differences diminished? Are girls free to do whatever they want? Well the answer would go both ways I think. Girls may not be treated in a bad way outside in the society, but what if they are still suffering within their own homes? What if they are not free inside their own home and there is still presence of disparity? Have you ever seen a girl being treated unfairly just because she is on her monthly periods and menstruating? Oh! I have seen many such instances. There still exist people who believe that a girl going through her monthly periods is like a person suffering from AIDS. Well no offense, but people suffering from AIDS are treated as if they have committed a huge sin. And the same goes for the girls who are going through their periods. They are not allowed to touch anyone and anything in their house. It’s like whatever they touch falls apart. They are restricted from touching things in the house for a week. They are not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen area, the Mandir area and water. Even water, oh isn’t it too much. They are not allowed to touch water, oil, rice, milk or anything at all. Is going through our monthly periods a crime? Let me tell you one thing, this process which people find weird, is natural. Just because a boy doesn't go through it, that in no ways makes it “dirty”. It would have been a lot easier to explain if the boys would also go through this process. But do you know what amazes me? It's actually the women themselves who create this inequality within their houses. Yes, women themselves. Can you believe it? Even my grandmother used to do so. Truthfully speaking, I knew nothing about this untouchability during menstruation. But my grandmother always used to shout at me for going in the kitchen, hugging my dad, touching plants around the house during that time. I got the whole not-going-inside-the-kitchen-thing, but not touching my dad, that made me as well as my dad angry. And whenever my grandmother was out of town, my mom would let me do whatever I want, touch the whole house and it was freeing. But yeah, she still restricts me from  Mandir. In villages, the girls are compelled to sleep in the cow shed which is not hygienic and disease prone. They are not allowed to touch the house as well. And because of this many girls have died. There are many news stories regarding this. It's really sad when you find out about these things. It's like you're punished for a crime you have not committed. Isn’t it akin to murder? One person killing another over a natural phenomenon. It is disgusting! People go on preaching equality, but is this equality? No one knows the pain a girl goes throughout the 5 days. And people treat it like some kind of communicable disease and a huge crime. It's sad how some people think. No one has any right to create a difference within or outside the house. Instead of making their daughters feel safe and cared for, they throw them in cowsheds and make them feel impure. Whatever you are, it’s because of your mother. I’m a girl and I’m proud of being one. I believe that I can bring  change and make the world a better place to live in. Starting from my own home. I ask all you girls to be proud of who you are. Let other people talk whatever they want. Don’t be bothered and do the right thing. :D