Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Gender Gap in Technology

By Sweekriti Gautam

Photo Courtesy: Human Capital Blog
"Gender Gap in Technology" is the most discussed topic in the field of technology. Though the field of technology provides new opportunities and challenges for girls, we can see a clear gender gap. It is a male dominated field. The participation of girls in technology is increasing day by day but the rate of participation is insignificant. In the context of Nepal, girls tend to choose the career that is more women centric such as nursing, applied science, medical and so on. The number of women candidates in the technology field is increasing these days in spite of the belief that only male can be tech savvy. Women are choosing technology as their field of career and research. Most of the women in this sector have a high level of knowledge as the men have and this has challenged the belief of the Nepali society. Despite the change in the mindset of women they feel insecure and lack the confidence to expose their talent in this field. The Nepalese society has the concept that engineering and technology are not the fields for girls to build their career as they can easily be defeated by boys. So, they try to guide women away from these fields. The field of technology is considered as the men's aptitude where the women's talent is not recognized. [caption id="attachment_15553" align="aligncenter" width="1640"]gender-gap-technology Girls in Technology by Numbers                                                                               Photo Courtesy: Spencer Stuart[/caption] The institutes of technology must make an effort to encourage the involvement of girls in technology. Even in today's context, we can hardly find 25% of girls involved in technology. To influence the involvement of girls in technology various volunteer organizations such as Girls in Technology and Django Girls are organizing various workshops highly encouraging the participation of girls to fill up the gender gap in the technology field. Some women involved in tech have started to feel confident that they can withstand all the challenges. To encourage the participation of girls and help them to overcome the supremacy of male in the technology field requires workshops and awareness programs. Such programs have been conducted by various organizations to enhance the women's ability and help them expose their talent.