Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Garud Security Guards Undervalued by the Company

By Shreeya Pandey

Picture Courtesy: Qualtosoft
One of the most reliable security service providers, Garud Securities has managed to keep its reputation high among its clients but sadly has not been able to keep their employees satisfied. The employees are not well treated by their company in many forms like leaves, salaries despite all the hard work that the employees have put in. Every day as I go to my college, I see the security guards around the gate, wishing good morning to all the students and staffs with a big smile on their faces. Little did I know about the sorrows and dissatisfactions hidden behind their big smile? I never really pondered over their lives but now as I do, I say hats off to the hard work that they have put in to make all of us feel secured by working continuously for 12 hours, dedicating almost all of their time to work and cutting off the available sources of entertainment. “I come to work at 6 a.m. every day and go home at six in the evening. I wish there could be a day-off at weekends so that we could spend a relaxing day with our families and keep the work schedules away from our minds. Such long hours of work get hectic at times so I don’t prefer working for extra hours,” says Miss Ghimire, one of the Garud securities employees. Working very hard all day really needs a lot of courage and determination and I must say they are truly very courageous. If all the hard work that is being put up is well paid-off, then there is a desire to work even better but if it's vice-versa then interested in that particular work gradually decreases. What gets on my nerve at times is when someone puts a constant effort in their work but they are never motivated to do better. Providing the security personnel with better facilities and also a good salary would be some of the best ways to keep them motivated. Sadly, they have been facing the problem of low income which ultimately demotivates them. “I am not much satisfied with my work as my income is just enough to fulfill the basic needs of my family and it becomes difficult to meet their additional needs at times. Half of the salary that our company gets from its clients is paid to us and the rest half is taken by the company itself as commissions. ”, says Mr. Gurung, a Garud Securities employee at Deerwalk. What I feel is interest comes with good motivation. No matter how much interest we have for a particular work but a lack of good motivation could gradually lower that interest and dedication as well. Mr. Mishra, another Garud Securities employee explains that though he is fond of working as security personnel and is quite satisfied with his work but his income is only enough to support his livelihood.  He further adds that living in Kathmandu is quite expensive and it becomes difficult to pay the rent, provide good food to his family with his earning. Another motivational factor is the facilities that can be provided but sadly the security guards remain dissatisfied. “Whenever we fall sick or have some urgent work, we can apply for an official leave but we are not provided with paid leaves. There is a provision of staff medical insurance. The company pays for all the treatments and medications that we go through,” Mr. Gurung further added. Security is quite essential in our day-to-day lives. We are able to work peacefully and fearlessly in our offices due to these security guards who work continuously for long hours, away from their family and friends, away from any sort of recreation. Thus, it is indeed our duty to fulfill their desires and make them feel satisfied. A company can grow to heights of success and increase its reputation only if its employees are fully satisfied and security guards are one of the vital employees of a company.