Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Gardening As My Hobby

By Osheen Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

People are busy in their daily routines. They work hard so that they can have a fruitful and easy life. Hobbies and entertainment helps relax the mind and body as it helps to break that monotonous routine. Hobbies are accounted for when we have time to spare. It is good to have a hobby in order to utilize wasted time. Different people have different tastes. Similarly, hobbies differ from person to person. Some people love to play basketball, some love dancing, others may love collecting stamps, coins and so on. Similarly, I love gardening. I love to do other things too but recently I have started gardening as my hobby.

Whenever I get stressed, I love to take a stroll in the garden and get some fresh air. It helps me relax and reflect upon my decisions and take in surrounding beauty for a while. I love the feeling of soil in my hand. I don’t have a garden at my home but I am planning to make one soon. My aunt has a huge garden at her home. There are different types of colorful flowers and trees of different species in her garden. The presence of butterflies and insects make the garden even more beautiful. These beautiful species are indeed what lured me towards gardening.

Gardening is not an easy task, one could even relate growing plants to raising a child. You need to learn to have patience. You have to regularly take care of your plants to avoid withering and death. After all that effort when you see your plants growing healthier, the feeling you get is prodigious.

I think that gardening is not just digging and planting. It helps to bring different good habits in people. It helps to make us be more responsible, patient and affectionate. So, caring for plants is astonishing. I love gardening and i think everyone should at least give it a try.

Happy Gardening.