Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Ganesh Regmi from DWS Talks on Entrepreneurship and Mobile Apps

By Sushant Gurung

On 21st May, Mr. Ganesh Regmi from Deerwalk Services came to talk about mobile apps for about half an hour. He started the program with ‘Entrepreneurship’. According to him, entrepreneurship means to open an enterprise where a group of people can work on. He shared his college experience with us. He suggested that, if we were to open a company in the near future, then this is the correct time for us to start planning. Right now, as college students, we are fresh and have different innovative ideas with us. We also have family and friends for support. There is also no pressure for us to succeed or get rich. So we should take the initiatives, now. He also suggested that after we’ve worked for a company for a certain time, we should look towards opening our own company. He emphasized that we should start from the basics and work our way up. It is better to start from the technical level and work towards our goals. He also said that as we grow in our career, we should learn managerial skills. One should be comfortable enough to code and solve problems, but the more important thing is communication. What makes a manager good is his method of communication with his peers. Then, he continued the program for what he came for, Mobile Apps. Though he is busy in his work, he said that he is ready to help us with the project, which involves making different Mobile Applications. He suggested that everyone is eligible to join the project, but needs to have the enthusiasm to work. He said he will help with some part, but only help, not teach it all from the start. He added with the 80/20 rule suggesting that 80% of a company's profits come from 20% of its customers. He further said that a college degree is not the most important thing for a student, but rather it is the skills he learns. A college topper with low skills is not what a company may want, but an average student with great skills is what they are looking for. The talk program was a great insight into the life of an entrepreneur. It was a really interesting and entertaining talk program where the students learnt a valuable lesson about entrepreneurship and the life of a programmer.