Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Future Predictions

By Umang Gurung

Since I have not been watching the news, an activity that is beyond me, let’s talk about the future. I get my news from the trusted websites like Facebook, 9gag, cracked, Wikipedia etc… so I’m not all out of touch with the modern world. Ironically, I’m an editor of my college’s own news website, I’m not out of touch with the happenings in my college either. I wonder when I’ll finally sit down in front of a television, suppress my urge to change the channel to Star World or Z Café or HBO and watch the daily news on Kantipur television. Maybe a day will come when I’ll flip a newspaper to read something other than horoscopes and celebrity news. Maybe when I’m older. Maybe never. I am of course not alone in my inability to get news from the mainstream sources i.e. TV and newspapers. The internet happened and killed the print media and all but a few newspaper were forced to start their online version of newspapers.Right now it is in the process of killing off the TV industry. Of course, this is not wholly true in the context of Nepal but I think it is nudging in that direction. The internet will soon take over everything. It will become the mainstream. Almost everything has an internet browser nowadays, in future everything will. It is the same with computers. Almost everything has some processing power. I believe that we’ll see smart clothes pretty soon. An underwear that stores and plays music? Take my money sir!! I mean it could be crazy. A laptop that also becomes a robot dog or the other way around. A portable shelter that with the press of a button turns into a tent, boat with another and a parachute with another. A pen that could bring anything you draw into life… wait that’s fantasy or is it? Who knew we’d make a machine that could capture a moment that we can watch anytime. TV would have really baffled anyone from the 19th century. Did Charles Babbage ever predict laptops, in which I’m writing an article, after he made his Analytical Machine? If he did, it was probably fantasy to him. Modern Transportation can be a real pain sometimes. It takes up a lot of time to reach from point A to point B. I submit assignments and articles late because of the slow transportation. Maybe I should be thankful that I don’t have to ride a horse to college? I would love to ride a tamed lion though. It would be really badass! Or maybe I should complain that someone hasn’t invented portals. I’m not talking about the worm-hole type, perhaps realistic, portals. I’m talking about the instant teleporting portals, door type portals. I should reach point B as soon as I step into the portal. Everything would be revolutionised by it. Cars and airplanes would be obsolete, phones would be obsolete, Skype would be obsolete. Maybe an apocalypse would occur. Do you know about holodeck? Star Trek? No I haven’t watched it either. “A holodeck, in the fictional Star Trek universe, is a simulated reality facility located on starships and starbases”. That definition was pulled right out of Wikipedia. In other words, holodeck is a machine where you can create your own personal matrix, your own reality. We could simulate movies where we’ll literally be the main character. We could take a vacation to Japan in our own rooms. We could recreate memories. We could satisfy all our messed up desires. Become a psychopath. This means another apocalypse where everyone will live out their lives in their own holodeck. But who knows? Anything could happen. No one can accurately predict the future. I’m not Michel de Nostredame. Maybe I am someone’s reincarnation. But I didn’t use astronomy. Also Nostradamus was probably a fraud. Perhaps you have your own ideas on future. Mine always end in an apocalypse.