Wed, 07 Jun, 2023


By Abhusan Gautam

Photo Courtesy: Abhusan Gautam

Futsal Arena is one of the leading futsal courts in Kathmandu Valley and is located in two different places of Kathmandu. The headquarters is in Bhagwan Bhawan, Thamel while the other one is located in the rural area of Baudhha. The Futsal Arena serves the footballing community by providing excellent environment to play and to have fun.

Futsal Arena has two artificial grass turfs and are properly maintained. The futsal balls used there are FIFA recommended. The goal posts are well-netted and the borderlines are properly drawn. Futsal Arena sports comfy seats on the outside of the court from where people can rest or spectate the game. There is a shower/washing room and a refreshment café. You can even play e-games like FIFA on PS3 or XBOX consoles. It also has its own parking space so it’s convenient for people with vehicles. With Quality comes expense and Futsal Arena is quite expensive in comparison to other futsal grounds. You’ll get charged different amounts depending on the time of the day. If you play between 6 am to 10 am, you’ll get charged RS 1200, play between 10 am -5 pm and pay RS 1600 and if you play later you’ll have to pay a massive sum of RS 2200. On Saturdays you’ll be charged RS 2200 despite the time. So, if you are planning to enjoy a round or two, make sure to avoid Saturdays :D. Advanced booking is available and one can organize their game online or by phone. They also support hosting tournaments by providing special rates on several hours of game-play.

You can become a member and get bonus discounts and offers. Futsal Arena also organizes training programs for junior players. In the headquarters, Weekend Futsal School is organized every week where expert coaches train the youngsters. It is an excellent opportunity for ambitious young people to pursue their passion of sports.

Final verdict: Futsal Arena is a place to go if you want to play futsal in a quality environment. Make sure to NOT play on Saturdays unless you have no financial issues and also try to steer clear from the café which is fairly expensive. Anytime between 7-10 am will be perfect for having a non-stop, adrenaline pumping futsal action.