Tue, 30 May, 2023

FQ3FOOD Is There To Serve Us Hygienic Food in Jayabageswori

By Ashmita Kunwar

Photo Courtesy: The DWIT  News The place where DWIT is situated is full of temples, grocery stores, stationary, but there is absence of perfect restaurants to serve people, especially the students during lunch break, around Jayabageswori area. Many students run towards Chabahil to have a plate of mo:mo during lunch time. Talking particularly about the students of DWIT, most of them do not go to the college canteen even though canteen serves high quality food; the main reason behind this is that the canteen serves limited and same varieties of food every day during the lunch break.  Therefore, there lies the need to go out of college to fill our hungry stomach. Those who rush fast, get chance to have food in didi’s pasal nearby, the rest need to look for food somewhere else. The tragedy is that, there is no good, hygienic place that serves good quality food. Students are obliged to eat anywhere they find, no option!! Thankfully, God noticed what we were seeking for; one place has been opened near Jayabageswori temple where most of the students from DWIT are found during the lunchtime. The place that has fulfilled the main wish of the DWIT student is FQ3 FOOD, which mean F^3. Speaking with the director of FQ3 FOOD, Jitendra Vaidya, he was very happy as students adored the food served there, and had promised to serve a lot is the future. He says, “The restaurant is just in its trial phase at present.” The well established and experienced Vaidya was the first man in this Jaybageswori area to establish Grocery store 18 years back and still he is the owner of  “THE GREEN GROCERY”. He has also worked in restaurant line for several years and does have a high experience in this field of work as well. With lot of dreams and because of his passion in this field, he has opened FQ3 FOOD. He claimed that he had opened this restaurant after 11 months of survey. Though FQ3FOOD has not been officially launched, it started its business from 27th Mangisr and in this short time frame, it has grabbed the attention of the customers. He is totally pleased and this success in trial phase has given him more strength to enlarge his restaurant. He has thought of conducting an official launch of the restaurant in a grand way soon.  As shared by Vaidya, the core idea of the restaurant is to give priority to the home delivery system. During this 1 month of test period, Vaidya powerfully claims that there is no single complain form the customer in the quality and the taste of food. [caption id="attachment_4499" align="aligncenter" width="653"]Photo Courtesy: DWIT News Photo Courtesy: The DWIT News[/caption] The students those who had had food from FQ3 FOOD are thoroughly satisfied with the food quality and the price. As this is the preliminary period, there are few varieties of food in the menu but those which are in the menu are served well with good flavor and hygiene. The main item that has been enjoyed by many students is burger and C mo:mo. The plus point about FQ3 FOOD is that the chefs, who are to manage and cook food, are from Godavari Village Resort, Bakery Cafe and many other reputed cafes with full experience. Another advantage is that we can preorder our food item by phone call. This prevents us, the students, from having to wait long for the food to be served when we reach there. In near future, the owners have planned to serve frozen foods like Keema for mo:mo, raw pilled potatoes for French fries and many more frozen item for different food so that people can make those items in their own homes. All the best to FQ3 FOOD! There is no complaint. However, I personally feel that the food should be served a bit faster and need to add more items in the menu as soon as possible. This is because humans need change and varieties of options. This is human nature; one cannot stand on the same thing for a long period of time. In overall, everything is pleasant and we students are happy that we need not have to worry anymore if we are hungry for a plate of mo:mo!