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Four Media Club Members Visit Kantipur FM Station

By Sneha Parajuli

Photo: Four Media Club members with RJ Prajwal Khadka

On 27th of May, four members of the Media Club visited the station of Kantipur FM situated at Pulchowk. Their plan was to meet RJ Prajwol Khadka, to observe how he presented himself through his program “K Cha Nepal” and also to take a tour of the station. The team watched the RJ go “On Air”.

As it was an interactive program, the team could see some real time problems emerging as the show was going on. The technical problems that happened were solved by the technician while the RJ continued the program in an efficient manner so that the listeners could feel no interruption as a result of the technical problems. “That taught us how to tackle with difficulties which come in our way during such situation using teamwork,” said Sneha Parajuli, the President of the Media Club.

[caption id="attachment_6825" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Photo: Inside Kantipur FM Station Photo Courtesy: Media Club Photo: Inside Kantipur FM Station

Moreover, the team got to watch the reporters presenting live news. They observed how the RJs and technicians communicated with each other in order to play music and ads in between the program so that the program could run more smoothly. One could also see many departments running in the station such as the music library, recording studio, on-air studio, technical room and many more.

The team got an opportunity to communicate with RJ Khadka and they were able to get their doubts cleared by asking him multiple questions. “He interacted with us in a cheerful manner and possessed good vibes. He also taught us many aspects of radio transmission and how the radio media worked. The span of three hours that we spent in the station was very informative and entertaining,” said Akankshya Upadhaya, Script Writer of the Media Club. Sneha Parajuli added, “We asked him how to handle a problem that included calls from person speaking foul language in the program. He then answered that they would cut the line as soon as possible and would ask the listeners to ignore the person and not to try the same thing as it negatively affects the moral values of the person himself.”

[caption id="attachment_6823" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Photo: RJ Prajwal Khadka having a talk with Media Club members Photo: RJ Prajwal Khadka having a talk with Media Club members[/caption]

According to RJ Khadka, not all media people are reporters. He said, “I prefer being called a media person rather than a reporter. People believe that radio is a medium to news, but I deny it. Radio is more of an entertainment medium.”

The team remarked, “The day was well spent with many informative facts, an eye opening talk and also a shaky earthquake. The stereotype of considering RJs as boring elderly people was proven false by Prajwol Khadka who seemed very energetic and fun.” The “happy go lucky” RJ Khadka delightfully said, “Radio is the strongest medium of communication because it lets the listener visualize their own scenario.”

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All Photos By: Media Club