Sun, 26 May, 2024

Forgetting Small Things Instantly

By Sweekriti Gautam

You walk into the room and open the cupboard, then you stand in front of it wondering what you were about to do. You forget the place where you kept your cell phone or the place where you kept your keys.  This problem is seen in all ages. We all are the victims of the faulty memory. When we need to recall something the most it just slips out of our minds.

This type of faulty memory is not a serious problem. When we see or hear something for the first time, it is stored in the brain. The new memories create a trace in the brain which fades away if not accessed regularly even though we might think that we have already memorized it.  Our short-term memory can remember 7 things in 30 seconds. Distraction can also be a big factor in being unable to store information.  Multitasking can play a huge role in memory failure. Switching back and forth between the tasks can severely impair our ability to focus.

There are a lot of solutions one can take to minimize faulty memory. Personally, I prefer to exercise the brain. Instead of using “to-do” lists on your mobile phone, make your brain remember it. You can also train your brain to recall information by training it. Our brain has the capacity to be better at something when it is challenged to be. You can always check your memory and make it get better. One simple way to check your memory is to a make a list of items that you need before going to the grocery. Don't take that list with you and when you return check how many items could you remembered. Another way is to stop multitasking, take the time to do one thing at a time so that you can work better and faster. If you often forget the place where you kept your cell phone or keys the try to memorize the things surrounding them to like the color of the surface when you kept it. This will take time but it will surely help in the long run.