Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Forbidden Love

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture Courtesy: I still recall that night when I saw her for the first time. I was returning from my work at midnight. It was a rainy night and the wind was howling. Tiny raindrops were hitting my windscreen. I was driving past the woods, feeling very exhausted.

The flaring light of my car fell into a girl standing in the middle of the road. I could hardly see her face. I tried to push the break hard but it was jammed. I started panicking. After that, I don't remember what really happened. When I opened my eyes I was in the hospital bed. I asked the nurse how I reached there. She pointed towards a girl who was sitting on the chair. I asked the nurse to call her. The girl stood up and lumbered towards me. She was wearing a black dress and her face was covered partly with her blonde hair.

She had this adorable pair of hazel eyes and a sort of blank expression on her face. She sat next to me. I felt as if I had met her a long ago. I wanted to start a conversation with her. So I asked her name. She had a melodious voice and answered, "I am...." The doctor entered the room and asked her to wait outside. She slowly went towards the door. After few hours, when I asked the nurse about her, she said that the girl had already left the hospital.

After a week, I went in search of her. I felt as if I had got some kind of attachment with her. I went to the same place where I saw her for the first time. I entered into the small village near the woods.  I explained about her to the people there in the best way I could. I got a clue of where she lived. I went to a small and beautiful cottage. I knocked at the door. As the door opened, my eyes caught the first sight of her hazel eyes. Her curly blonde hair crashed over her shoulders. She let me in. We sat in a small with beautiful wallpapers. She offered me a cup of coffee. We started to meet every weekend. Our choices, like and dislikes were very similar. But, the only difference between us was our religion. She was a Muslim and I was from a Brahmin family. We had started to fall for each other. I stepped forward about our relationship with my family but they directly denied it. She was even ready to change her religion but both of our families were against it. She came to me at the same place where we used to meet every weekend and said, " We can't be together, please forget me." She wiped away her tears with her shawl and walked away. I didn’t say a word and neither did I try to stop her. I still regret not stopping her. Because if I had, I wouldn’t have lost the most precious part of my life.