Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

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Fontus  is  a self-filling water bottle based on the principle of condensation. It was developed by Austrian industry designer Kristof  Retezar. The idea to develop Fontus came into his mind to solve the major water issues in the rural areas where there is less groundwater but high humidity. It collects moisture  from the air and converts it into drinkable  water.  Fontus can generate water even in the desert because there is some amount of water present even in the desert.

Fontus consists of solar cells that cool a series of hydrophobic teeth. As the air moves through these teeth, the temperature drops down causing the moisture to condense down into water drops. The water droplets that are condensed are safe to drink unless the air is really contaminated. It produces up to 470 ml of water during an hour of operation. Fontus consists of a filter at the top.  It can filter out larger objects such as dust particles, flies, and insects. But it cannot potentially remove harmful contaminants.

The updated version filters out even the carbon particles. Fontus works best when the temperature is above 30 degree Celsius and with an excess of 80% humidity. Fontus can be useful to be carried during hiking, trekking, and long tours.