Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

First Session of Deertalk Season 24 Held

By DeerExpress Club

Photo: Deer Express Club
Deer Express Club organized the First session of the 24th Season of Deertalk on the 5 Jan, 2018. The season dedicated to the Class of 2021 witnessed eight participants and the audience comprised of members from Class of 2020 and 2021. Unlike the other Topic Sessions, which usually have random topics, this Topic Session had a theme - Conspiracy Theories. Aayushree Sapkota marked the first participant who was followed by Aashishma Khanal. Both the participants were confident which made the audience to listen to what the participants had to deliver. Following Aashishma, was Simran Parajuli who spoke on the topic ‘Do you think the 9/11 incident was an inside job?’. She had her thoughts tilted toward the mishap being 'a war' done by the American government themselves.  Also, we had Shurjana Joshi who delivered her thoughts and facts about the humans not landing on the Moon for her topic ‘Moon Landing was a lie.’ The audience seemed to love these topics as they were keen to know who was next and what the participant had to deliver. However, the hype wasn’t lost when Ribik Khoteja gave his speech as he talked about us being in stimulation and managed to entertain the crowd. Followed by him we had Tayouth Malla who was able to fill the atmosphere with his humor and made everybody smile expressing his thoughts on 'Mandela Effect'. Not Saying much for his speech we also had Ashyun Bhandari who was assigned the topic ‘The royal Masacar’. Delivering the thoughts on whether or not having a parallel universe, we had Ashutosh Khanal who tired his best to deliver his content. The Participants were judged by the panel of judges who marked the participant on the basis of their content, grammar, body language and overall criteria. Standing among the best we had Aashishma Khanal who stunned the audience with her confidence and excellent delivery of her content. She had beautiful and witty points towards her topic that asked ‘Is Illuminati real'.  The second position was owned by Aayushree Sapkota who made everybody think twice about their thoughts on 'Is God real'. The event turned out to be a successful one as everybody seemed to enjoy their time and the session concluded with Deerwalk Literature Society who announced their winner of their event “Guess and Grab”.