Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

First Picnic of DWIT to Godawari

By Nisha Dhungana

Photo Courtesy: Media Club

February 13, 2016 when the atmosphere was filled with the fragrance of love, students of DWIT enjoyed the love they share in the first ever Picnic event conducted by DWIT. It was no doubt, one of the best memories we have ever had in DWIT.


Saturday morning, students of all batches gathered in Deerwalk Complex and were taken to the picnic spot, Godawari by 4 buses and a mini-van. After a 35 minutes’ bus ride, we reached the destination. The breakfast was served immediately after reaching to the destination. After the breakfast, students scattered around and enjoyed the beautiful environment of Godawari. Some visited nearby temples, some went to the Botanical Garden and some decided just to sit back and relax. After a certain time, when students started coming back to the picnic spot, several games were conducted by different clubs. People enjoyed every bit of it as they played various games, laughed and enjoyed the moment.  The break during the game was utilized by having lunch and again the games were continued. After the completion of the different games, people enjoyed dancing their hearts out. At around 3 o’clock, early dinner was served and everyone was taken back to college by the buses.


It was the first ever picnic in DWIT and was enjoyed by everyone. Teachers, students, seniors, juniors, administration and staffs all gathered together and enjoyed together as friends. Everyone was an individual and no barriers divided them. VPs of all the clubs took full responsibility of the picnic and they did an amazing job of coordinating and organizing everything. We have been busy all year with all the works, assignments and deadline inside the college. An event like this made us feel more energized and certainly more motivated to do our work starting tomorrow. Thanks to DWIT for organizing such a wonderful event and thank you to the VPs for making the event worthwhile.