Sun, 03 Dec, 2023

Fire and Ice Pizzeria: REVIEW

By Mahan Adhikari

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

An international restaurant chain, Fire and Ice Pizzeria is among the world’s best pizza-chain in the world. Founded by an Italian chef from Naples, Fire and Ice Pizzeria has dedicated itself to serve its patrons with the best Italian regional dishes. This international chain of restaurants was established in Nepal by AnnaMaria Forgione.

Fire and Ice pizzeria is located in Durbar Marg, opposite to Garden of Dreams.  It is one of the fanciest places in Kathmandu. I’ve recently visited the pizzeria and as I try reminiscence the day, all I can say is “WOW”. Not only this place is beautiful, but the food is luscious. The pizzeria uses the finest authentic imported ingredients available on local market and specially made ingredients such as mozzarella cheese. Fire and Ice serves and unbelievable variety of pizzas, desserts and multi-national brands of coffee and alcohol.


Fire and Ice pizzeria is very popular among tourists, travelers, celebrities and locals (those who can afford it).  It serves mouth-watering food items to eat in a very relaxing environment. The consumer care service of the restaurant is outstanding. It amazed me how the workers welcome you and take care of you from the moment you step inside the place. Pizzas served with a unique Mediterranean touch and international brands of wines were mesmerizing to me. Eating international pizza, coffee and wine in conjunction with Italian music playing in the background were few of the best things I felt in Fire and Ice Pizzeria.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria provides top-notch customer care and the food is generously delicious, so there is no room for complaints. But like every other branded restaurant, Fire and Ice is expensive. A very expensive menu will send even the most dedicated pizza lovers away. Also, the place can be crowded at times, so you may or may not be able to have a relaxing meal, depending on the season and/or festival. But all the complains fades away when your mouth is enriched by the exotic Italian flavors.

Built with the motto, “Pizza makes the world go round”, Fire and Ice Pizzeria place satisfies you to your core. It’s a must-go for every Pizza and Italian food lover. Fire and Ice truly satisfied me to the fullest.