Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Finally! The Long Awaited Changa Chet Event

By Shreha Regmi

Friday afternoon, the students from all the three batches were called up to the seminar hall and Surendra sir declared that finally, the planned Changa Chet event will take place on 2nd November, 2014. He said that since every one of us couldn’t go together on the hike, we would be divided into two groups- one group of hikers and the other of bus riders. Changa chet event was planned during Dashain, the time when the new batches hadn’t arrived. According to the plan, there would a few hours hike, and then all of us would go up to a hill and would fly kites, eat masu and pulau. But, it was cancelled due to bad weather. So finally, we all were going to the event after Dashain and Tihar. Every one of us was excited, very excited, for the much awaited event! Friday evening, we got a mail which asked us to choose a category: bus rider or hiker. I, along with my friends, chose to hike, practically, every girl from 2017 batch. :D The next day, the hikers list came out and all of us were selected. Wohoo!! We became more excited. All of us planned what to wear, what to take to the hike. We discussed to come to college, but Sneha and Ruby would get on the bus from Koteshwor. So, I, Asmita and Barsha were to come to college and reserve seats for them. Haha! Then finally, the most awaited hike event came. I got up early, called Asmita to get up and get ready and then I ran off to the college. But when I got there, there was no one whom I knew. So I waited for my friends. Asmita and Barsha came late, and I was pissed because I was waiting for them for so long. Both of them hugged me and we went to have breakfast. There was bread, jam and an egg. We all ate one egg and then we were getting ready to reserve seats for the two of them. The bus took off, and we picked up the remaining students on the way. Even Sneha and Ruby. We tried to dance, but it was really hard dancing in the moving bus. We got off the bus, and then started walking. We were grouped, the sophomores and the freshmen. We got to know the freshmen; they were sweet and friendly. After two hours of walking, we finally reached the Dhulikhel dada, and waited for the other groups to arrive. We ate chips and crackers, and we then went to check out that place. After half an hour, everyone came, the bus brought foods to be cooked. There was a tent where we sat and ate and played cards, well I didn’t know how to play so I ran off to dance with the new batch and it was fun. Everyone was a good dancer, and we all were enjoying and having a good time. What disappointed me was seeing the beaten rice because I was expecting pulau or rice or something like that. There were games- three legged race, hit the pot and the main game, changa chet. I wanted to learn how to fly a kite so I went to Pratibh Dai, but he was wounded so I came back in search for a hansaplast. And then Ronit volunteered to teach me to fly a kite. I went along with him, but it was difficult to fly a kite. You have to know all the little details like if the bottom of the kite goes down, you have to pull the string and you should know the direction of the wind and so on. I couldn’t remember every little detail, but I pulled the string and that was enough for me he he.  :P Because all of us were enjoying, we didn’t know how fast the time went by. And since there was no wind, the changa chet competition didn’t take place. We took a group photo, put all the stuffs back into the bus and went to the college. It was 7 pm when we reached college. But, we all had fun; all of us collected very good memories and returned to our homes.