Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

And Finally, Exams Are Over!!!

By Utkrista K.C.

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

(This is a note by a second semester DWIT student who has just completed her board examinations conducted by Tribhuvan University.)

The most difficult situation is when you have to concentrate yourself to studies when others start enjoying their after-exam time. It gets even more pathetic to lock yourself in a room only for studying when your family members get along with the relatives. You have to bind yourself with restrictions only because you have your board exams going on. Shit!! ‘Why are these examinations before Dashain?’ ‘I will throw a party on the last day and this is damn sure!” “Umm… after exam I will watch movies, then I will go to relatives and then I will do… and … and….. Oh My God! I have a long list of chapters to study for exam....”

“Sampling is……”

“Umm..I want to visit this place for vacation and……” Oh! It is really tough to have control over the fluctuating mind when you are going to have your exams over just before the vacation of one of the biggest festival of Nepalese, Dashain.

Furthermore, it is more difficult to constrict yourself before the last exam when you have a gap of three days before it. I would call it the worst thing that one can face. It gets tougher to focus on studies and you can’t even enjoy freely because you know you have not studied for the exam. And on the day of exam, eyes yearn to see the end time of the exam. Mind doesn’t hover around thinking about how the exam went. The ecstasy of having the exams finished replaces everything.

I feel like I am free like a bird. I am the master of my time. Now, I have no body to nag me about studies. I start making a list of things that I aspire to do during the vacation. Everything gets aside and only fun is right in front of you. I don’t know why during exams I get sleepy at around 9 pm and can’t even wake up the very next day till 7:30 am. But, the very next day after exams are over, I do not get asleep till midnight and for some reason I wake up early. I find this tendency of my mind strange, but then again, I am not so desperate in finding out because I have no time for that and my exams are over. All those things I had once wished to do if I have leisure time are on the list. A bird is ready by flattering its wings to fly. The plane is about to take off or the bus is about to leave for the destination. Yes, this is the feeling I get after exam, when the vacation is right there in front of my eyes.

Yahoo!! I have no college to go. I can do what I want. I am free, free and free! I feel like I am the master .Now, it is time for fun, fun and only fun. Now, here are some of my friends talking about the feeling that they have got after exam and just before the vacation.

“I am getting bored thinking about this long vacation because I have nothing to do. On the other side, after having board exams completed one after another, a series has ended; this is the happiest part.” Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, DWIT

“On the one hand, having exams over is the best part. Thinking about the vacation, it feels ‘Wow!’, but on the other hand, it pisses me off thinking about the country’s present situation. It’s very difficult to enjoy during the vacation because fuel scarcity has made living worse.” Munmun Shrestha, DWIT

“I am feeling extremely happy because I have no pressure of studying and have vacation in front of me to enjoy and spend quality time with family.” Navaraj Kharel, DWIT