Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

FIFA 14 Review

By Sumit Shrestha

EA Sports have yet again come up with the most anticipated game in the present time. Fulfilling the dream of every fan to select and play with the football team they support, EA has always made its aim to make the game more thrilling and realistic than ever before. FIFA 14 was launched on late September for PS2, PS3, Xbox and PC. A lot of changes were seen in the game from its previous version. Let’s see some of the changes. FIFA 14: Menus The menu has been completely changed from the previous version. The use of larger panels, and easy access to the various game modes are some of the tweaks done to the game. EA has made it easier to access the menu options like team management, forfeit match, etc. But after all this time, there are still some issues with the game; the main being the difficulty to access controller settings. FIFA 14: Teams The teams are somewhat real as per their look. Players like Wayne Rooney looks real and overall ratings of the player are good as expected. The line-up of teams is well and properly managed as in real. Classic XI is extra teams which features classic players like Cantona, Zico, etc. and World XI, adidas all-star team are the team which features great players of current time. FIFA 14: Features FIFA 14 features online and offline game play. Game modes like career mode, ultimate team have been included in this edition of the game as well. Career mode allows users to play the game as a player or a manager. Ultimate team allows users to make a team of their choice based on player’s chemistry, skills etc. The tournament mode has been added as always allowing single and multiplayer modes to the users. FIFA 14: Gameplay The gameplay has been managed perfectly. Players have various skill moves which is amazing to see and to perform being a user. The players’ movement and balance have a realistic effect and are sync with the controller. The chants by fans, commentary add a realistic feel to the game. But there are still some issues that the users report. Throwing balls, penalty given without any foul, hands ball etc, are some to be named. All in all, FIFA 14 is the best FIFA game till now to have hit the stores. - Sumit Shrestha (Batch 2016)