Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

What Do You Feel About the Ongoing Strikes in Nepal?

By Ashmita Thapa

Coining havoc, hammering the economy and giving endless suffering to the ordinary people and students, the various political parties of Nepal are never tired of forging strikes in Nepal. If you have a family dispute, go and stop the traffic, this has been a culture in Nepal. The culture of following "Nepal Banda" is still on celebration. Our neighboring country, India, is busy launching rockets and skyrocketing the growth of country's economy, whereas, we proud "Gorkhalis", burning tyres. It has been a kind of culture in Nepal. We asked some of the students about the recent strike in Nepal. The question was “What do you feel about the ongoing strikes in Nepal (Nepal Banda)?" Kundan RanaKundan Sumsher Rana: The politicians have started to take strikes as a means of getting what they want. If they aren't satisfied with anything, be it of national importance or just petty difference with other parties, they declare strikes. This is a nuisance to all citizens. In the past, Nepal Banda was a means to protest against the wrongdoings of the government. Nowadays, it has become a means for parties to try to get the upper hand in any matter. The strikes should not be taken lightly. It is a major ‘weapon’ that can be used to bring about great change in the country.     Photo Courtesy: Sushil Pokhrel Sushil Pokhrel:

Nepal Banda held by different political parties in the name of bringing change is really pointless. I know that Nepal is in transitional phase of political and economic change. We are being provided with a new constitution. I don’t think any Nepali wants strikes. We can bring changes in the society without any violence or strikes. Strike is hampering not only the students but also every citizen residing in Nepal. It is not that people are protesting or favoring strike but the leaders of different political parties impose strikes just in order to fulfill their selfish demands regarding constitutions. So, I say we must not support the strikes.

    Photo Courtesy: Suman Thapa

Suman Thapa:

Nepal Banda is a clear reflection of how political parties in Nepal lack creativity and vision and commitment for the country. They should try to think of more responsible ways to protest instead of only worsening things by conducting ‘Nepal Banda’ which I think is the ineffective anyway. For ‘Nepal Banda’, I have a more appropriate word than ‘bad’. I think Nepal Banda is ‘imbecilic’.

          Photo Courtesy: Bidish Acharya

Bidish Acharya:

Even though I have no idea on why this ‘Nepal Banda’ is being organized, I am always against it. Closing offices, educational institutions, depriving citizens from basic day-to-day activities- I don’t believe these can do any good to the country.

            Photo Courtesy:  Suryaraj Timsina

Suryaraj Timsina:

Nepal Banda (Strikes in Nepal) is the disrespectful act that Nepalese politicians are doing in order to fulfill their personal desire. They are snatching the human right of innocent people. Nepal Banda is affecting almost all sectors like Education, Health, and Industries. It is not that politicians do not know about the impacts of strikes; they know about them but they ignore it just because their prime concern is their personal desires rather than nation or its citizens. On the other hand, the politicians are not the only reason for Nepal Banda. It’s also people and it’s us, because we never try to defy Banda. People know the cause and they know the impact, but they hesitate to rebel against it. There are lots of associations of people, organizations, clubs etc. If people work together to flout Banda, it will soon be history.  Unity is strength and people need to prove it through their action. I always believe in “A good Leader always thinks of others, not of him/herself”.

These are the opinions of the students. I do agree with it. Strikes can never be a good solution to the problems that we Nepalese are facing now.

“It’s a pretty mournful scenario right now in Nepal".