Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

What Do You Feel About Having DWIT In Your Locality?

By Utkrista K.C.

Here is what the locals said: Ashaman SangatAshaman Sangat Social Activist, Chairman of Sandhya Pustakalaya Having a school or college in your locality is itself a good thing. More than that having a reputed college by your side is a matter of pride. Most of the students are getting good education. The bad aspect is that the big buses move along this road and the stones paved around the temple get disordered. Though it does the maintenance, I don’t think it is a good solution. So, I suggest the college to not take the big buses along this road. And I don’t think we have someone from our locality in the management committee, this is also one of the lacking points. The next one is that there are many locals who do not have job. It will be better if the college could help them by giving them some opportunity. Besides these, the campus has been doing incredible job! Pancharam Maharjan   Pancharam Maharjan General Contractor Deerwalk has been able to do its best till now. It has also helped the community in various ways. But it would be even better if it contributes something to the library “Sandhya  Pustakalaya” as everyone can take advantage of that library.       Purna Bahadur SangatPurna Bahadur Sangat Local I feel good to have Deerwalk in our locality. There is no doubt in the quality of education it is providing. I just want to suggest that it should also provide job opportunities to local people according to their academic qualification.           Suwarna VaidyaSuwarna Vaidya Social Activist since 2021 Though being a local people, I don’t have much information about this college. So, I think the college should organize some events so that the diplomatic relation can be maintained. I would suggest that college should not make education as a commodity. Not only the subject matter should be taught in colleges but also all students should be taught the moral values so that they turn out to be a responsible and good citizen as individual.     From the opinion of the locals. we can conclude from these opinions of people that still some members of the locality are not happy with DWIT.  Let’s see how the management committee of DWIT will work together with the people of the community to seek out a solution to mitigate their dissatisfactions. Time will unfold everything.